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HEPHMOD BEYOND (powered by RevDCM)***HephMod is a mod-pack that emphasizes historical flavor and realism within the bounds of smooth and cha...


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HEPHMOD BEYOND (powered by RevDCM)


HephMod is a mod-pack that emphasizes historical flavor and realism within the bounds of smooth and challenging gameplay. To this end, HephMod's guiding principle is, "More is not always better." I try to keep feature creep to a minimum and thoroughly playtest new features to optimize the player experience. This mod is designed to be played on EPIC speed.

Varietas Delectat flavor units
Longer Epic game with reduced unit costs, giving more time in each era to play with military units
Increased ability to support large armies in the early game
Unique religions and increased unhappiness due to non-state religions
Serious reworking of unit stats (originally based on Wes' Medieval Mod)
A handful of new units: Skirmishers and Light Cavalry in the early and middle eras
More distinctive trait abilities for civs to give playing different civs a more unique feel
Additional flavor units
Civics almost totally reworked based on an advantage/disadvantage model
A Bit More Natural mod (a resource mod that makes resource appearance parameters more realistic)
Includes RevolutionDCM Mod 2.61 by jdog, glider1, et al.
Inquisitor mod (bmarnz and OrionVeteran) merged, with some changes
StackAid (including the "hero" promotions from Zuul's Promotions&Perks)
Enhanced Tech Conquest by Bhruic
A new Civics category (Military) and two new Civics in each category
abbamouse's realistic religions is back (without Zoroastrianism for the time being, however)
Unique shrine wonders with local and global benefits and drawbacks
Unique religion-specific promotions for Spiritual civilizations (adapted from GOO)
Doctrine wonders and promotion trees (built by Great Generals)
Guild wonders (commercial wonders with resource prerequisities built by Great Merchants)

Visit the thread at: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=192879

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About This Version (For Civ Beyond the Sword 3.19)

Version: For Civ Beyond the Sword 3.19

Released: 5th May 2020 2:14pm

HephMod Beyond Changelog
January 6, 2010

***** BETA B *****

Updated RevDCM to version 2.61
Civics RevIndex changes
Added 3 more guild wonders (for a total of five)
Added Coffee, Clay and Timber (+25% production bonus to age of sail naval units) resources
Fixed Blitzkrieg and Power Projection Promo Trees; nerfed Imperial Glory, Holy Fervor, Trained Archers and Trench Warfare a bit; Power Proj changed to incorporate strength bonuses because AI doesn't use them
Reduced chances of top three hero promotions occurring (same chance for getting a hero promo, but more likely to be Exceptional or Extraordinary)
Drill promotions now reduce upgrade cost [thanks Winston]
Interception promos now give a bonus vs. Helicopter units
Reduce Napalm promo bonus vs. Gun units to +50% from +100%
Fixed Ranged Bombardment
Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance doctrine promos each increase upgrade cost +10% [thanks Winston]
Trench warfare now obsoletes with Industrialism
Macemen require Iron (not Iron OR Copper), signifying late Antique/Medieval advances in armor
Aggressive trait now gives Combat I to melee and ARMOR units
Cannon strength increased to 9 and Gun+ adjusted to 30%
IDW Emergency Draft only affects cities of 6 or more population
Professional Army now gives +4 xp; standing army and nationhood now give +25% GG each; Mercantilism -50% distance maintenance
Helicopters now start with Amphibious (they were getting penalties for attacking across a river)

NEW NEGATIVE TRAIT FEATURES: each trait comes with a corresponding negative effect, generally half as potent as its positive counterpart

***** VERSON 1.0 BETA !!! *****

Updated to patch 3.19
Integrated with RevDCM 2.5 (includes Revolution, Dale's Combat Mod, Influence Driven War, Super Spies; see inidividual read-mes for details)

	*RELIGIOUS PROMOTIONS FOR SPIRITUAL CIVS: religious promos adapted from Gods of Old, but only for Spiritual civilizations
	*ALTERNATE DOCTRINE PROMOTION TREE FOR AIR UNITS FOR BLITZKRIEG AND PROJECTION (Air units now have their own promotion trees based on these wonders that give air unit versions of standard doctrine promotions)
	*NEW CIVICS: Republic (GOVT), Religious Law (LEGAL), Forced Labor (LABOR), Consumption (ECONOMY), Monasticism (RELIGION), Horde (MILITARY) [based on ideas adapted from FFH2, thanks Keldath!]

CHANGELOG: Great Generals can no longer join cities as great military instructors (this was true in the old Warlords HephMod, but I was reminded of its utility by Jaybe); Forts now give +75% defense; removed city strength penalties and restored old vs. Mounted bonus for Elephant units; moved Amphibious promotion prerequisite to Military Science; numerous changes to civics, including: Hereditary Rule now gives a +2 happiness for barracks and no longer +1 happiness per military unit, while Police State now gives +1 happiness per military unit instead of +2; Confucian Shrine reduces maintenance in nearby cities instead of giving its own +20% gold bonus to the city in which it is built. I may have missed a few things in this list, as I changed a lot of things in the conversion process to RevDCM 3.19.

MORE BUGS AND ADAPTATION ISSUES THAN I WANT TO GO INTO, but I'm happy to say that all HephMod features are now in good working order!

***** version .91 *****

Added Elders of Makuria guild wonder (for a total of 2 guild wonders): toned down benefits of guild wonders

Units of Spiritual civs now get access to unique promotions based on state religion (adapted from Gods of Old)

***** version .9d *****

MODERN AGE DOCTRINES COMPLETED (Mass Production, Special Ops, Power Projection, Guerilla War, Napalm, Artillery Schools)

Fixed Cavalry and Hussar buttons

***** version .9c *****

UNITS:  Artillery and Mobile Artillery now get a +50% vs. Machine guns (since machine guns are now gunpowder units); bombers and stealth bombers should be able to kill land and naval units now.

PROMOTIONS:  Interception promotions now available to Naval units (from Jaybe).

UNIT GRAPHICS:  new Native American gfx (peltast, archer, axeman, prodromoi, pikeman, musketman, hussar, cuirassier, rifleman, cavalry); new Asian gfx (crossbowman, middle era swordsman, rifleman, cuirassier, hussar, cavalry {nif fix by Coyote}, late era cannon); new hussar gfx (from Colonization, old hussar graphics are now for cavalry).

WONDERS:  prototype guild wonder, which can be built by a great merchant when the proper combinations of luxury resources are acquired: gives a handful of commercial bonuses and obsoletes with Corporation.

Added King Kong's color and flags mod.

INDUSTRIAL AGE DOCTRINES COMPLETED (Engineer Corps, Trench Warfare, Blitzkrieg)

***** version .9b *****

Changed withdrawal probabilities (of both units and promos) and max withdrawal prob (GameDefines) to circumvent a bug caused by a maxed out horse archer with mounted aid promos having too high withdrawal chance (units freeze experience upgrades, so the unit could no longer be promoted).

Naval unit movement adjusted to x1.5 (rounded down) vanilla speed; naval units can no longer select the Barrage promotion.  Naval units capable of bombardment no longer ignore building defense (just as gunpowder units besides cannon no longer do).  Visibility range on sea tiles increased to compensate for higher movement rates (hopefully reducing the enemy appearing out of nowhere phenomenon).

Infantry's vs. Gun bonus reduced to 20%; mech infantry now move 3 instead of 2; tank strength increased to 30; legion now gets a first strike chance (pila).

Fort defense increased to +50% (intend to implement a FfH2 system where forts upgrade over time).

Assembly Line now also requires Steel; Artillery now no longer requires physics, just assembly line and rifling.

Marathon speed adjusted for HephMod gameplay.

Shrines toned down across the board, in both bonuses and penalties; fixed a problem with shrines not being rebuildable (with the odd side effect that shrine movies no longer play -- don't know why).

CIVICS:  City state culture penalty slightly reduced and now gives +1 largest city happiness; Vassalage and Standing Army switched roles and tweaked; Emancipation and Labor Unions no longer cause unhappiness to civs without them (Revolution mod already enforces this penalty); Labor Union bonuses increased.

Some tweaks to flaming arrows and holy war promotions.  Note that flaming arrows II now gives archers the ability to inflict collateral damage (as it did in HephMod Warlords), but peltasts will not be able to advance beyond flaming arrows I because I didn't give them this ability in UnitInfo.xml.  Holy war promotion defense penalties decreased.

Whales now obsolete with Ecology rather than Combustion.

Judaism state religion commerce reduced to +1 gold, +1 science, +1 culture:  I was still using the old values that were in place because in the old HephMod Judaism did not get missionaries or cathedrals, so these values were higher than those of other religions as a balancing factor (from Eusebius' world religions mod).  Unless I reimplement these balancing factors, Judaism will use these lower values.

RENAISSANCE DOCTRINES COMPLETED (Patriotic War, Maneuver Training, Superior Seamanship)

***** version .9a *****

Beginning implementation of doctrine wonders and promotion trees.  Huge, enormous thanks to Refar for giving me a workaround to fix a glitch in the port from Warlords ... without his help, there would be no doctrine wonders in HephMod (not without using Python, anyway, and creating more lag in late game (Rev + StackAid = big lags).

***** version .83 *****

Unit Changes:  grenadier unit reduced to strength 10, available without Rifling (as a Melee unit they can now get city raider promotions, which really beefs them up as attack units and they were too uber); Ghazi removed.

EventSigns mod merged.

Promotions: Navigation restored to +1 movement range

***** version .82 *****

Merged updated Inquisition 101E:  new features include foreign inquisitions, Holy Office building (required to build inquisitors) and options for Limited Religions (one holy city per player; players with Theology can found religions once founding tech is also known if not already discovered).

Civics balancing:  based on frequency of AI choices, beefed Citizen Army, Standing Army and Free Market and nerfed Professional Army, Monarchy and State Property.  Rebalanced great people penalties so that no combination of civs could add up to -100%.

***** version .81 *****

Merged Revolutions 1.65c, which includes updates of BetterAI and Solver's unofficial patch.

Went back to 34 civ DLL after updating Stack Aid python to work with the new DLL (thanks Teg Navanis)

***** version .8d *****

Updated GameSpeed Info to 3.17 Inflation levels (less inflation)

Revised naval movement to be x2 vanilla (less mvmt than before); revised relative naval combat strengths.

Changed tech prereq for Champion unit to Feudalism from Iron Working and changed Unit AIs to only City Attack (this bypasses the BarbCiv unit spawning, which is based on UnitAIs).

***** version .8 *****

Merged with Revolution 1.63 (includes BetterAI .35)

Civics balancing:  Representation now gives +1 largest city happiness; Universal Suffrage gives +3 largest city happiness rather than +2, but now gives only a 10% distance maintenance reduction; police state gives -3 largest cith happiness; standing army no longer gives a distance maintenance penalty reduction, but gives an increased number of free units and a bonus to domestic great general points; caste system gives -1 health (untouchable caste); serfdom now gives farms +1 food instead of +1 gold and +25% worker speed bonus; removed number of cities maintenance reduction from vassalage, changed City States to -25% distance/-25% number and Mercantilism to -25% distance.

Unit changes:  Cavalry no longer give a bonus vs. cannon (with cannon's reduced base combat strength, this is no longer necessary); bombers and stealth bombers can now kill units; spy cost x1.5 (to reduce spy spamming); musketmen no longer ignore building defense (later era gunpowder units do); berserkers now replace swordsmen (instead of macemen) and get a bonus vs. melee in addition to being amphibious; elephants reduced to attack 7 from 8 and back to 1 movement point with a +25% vs. mounted (they are no longer as useful against medieval units); Chokonu replaces Longbowman rather than X-bowman.

Graphics:  Gave cannons vanilla graphics and musketman new gfx for late era so that napoleonic armies aren't fighting with late medieval units.  Greco-Roman Knights now use Byzantine Cataphract gfx.  European spearmen, swordsmen, and prodromoi now have Charlemagne gfx for middle and late eras.

Railroad build times reduced to x1.5 that of roads from x2.

Gamespeed adjustment:  switch to 1 turn per year in 1820 rather than 1840; made up the years by moving a handful of middle ages turns back to Classical era speed.

Increased frequency of oil back to A Bit More Natural Mod specs:  oil was so rare in the late game that many nations could never build modern armies (not only unrealistic but no fun!).

SHRINES all have powerful, unique local and global effects (based on Sevo's Faces of God):

		*SPECIAL UNITS:  Champion (+swordsman), Crusader (+Knight)
		*SPECIAL UNITS:  Ghazi (Axeman/Peltast), Mujahid (Prodromoi/HorseArcher)

TRAITS have been reworked:

			*Free Promotion:  Combat I (Melee/Gun) [or Raiders:Commando]
			*Prod+:  military training buildings (barracks, drydock)
			*Special Ability:  -25% XP req for level up
			*Free Promotion:  Drill I, City Garrison I (Archery/Gun) [or Defenders:Homeland/Nationalist]
			*Prod+:  fortifications (walls, castle)
			*Special:  Espionage Bonus (+25%)
			*Free Promotion:  March [or Horselords]
			*Prod+:  government buildings (courthouse, jail)
			*Special:  bonus to Great General points (+50%)
			*Commerce Yield Bonus (3 commerce or more)
			*Prod+:  money-enhancing buildings (market, bank)
			*Special:  bonus to trade route yield (+25%)
			*Production Yield Bonus (4 production or more)
			*Prod+:  production-enhancing buildings (forge, factory)
			*Special:  production+ to workers
			*Food Bonus (5 food or more)
			*Prod+:  growth buildings (granary, lighthouse)
			*Special:  production+ to settlers
			*Science Bonus (+10%)
			*Prod+:  science-enhancing buildings (library, university)
			*Special:  bonus to Great People points
			*Free Culture (+2 per city)
			*Prod+:  culture-enhancing buildings (theater)
			*Special:  prod+ to world wonders
			*Happiness Bonus (+1)
			*Happy+:  entertainment buildings (colosseum, broadcast tower)
			*Special:  prod+ to national wonders
			*Health Bonus (+2)
			*Prod+:  health-enhancing buildings (aqueduct, hospital)
			*Free Promotion:  Drill I (Siege)
			*Special:  reduced Civic upkeep
			*Prod+:  religious buildings (temple, cathedral)
			*Happy+:  religious buildings (burial mound, monastery)
			*Free Promotion:  Spiritual

***** .762 *****

Fixed StackAid giving promotions to Air units.

***** version .761 *****

Fixed art button issue for Hussar.

***** version .76 *****

A number of minor changes and fixes:  StackAid fixed, Police State happiness per military unit increased to 2 and espionage +25% (there was previously no reason to adopt police state, as it was worse than Hereditary Rule!), Legionaries vulnerability to Horse Archers reduced to -15%, Universal Suffrage gets -25% Espionage.

A new unit added:  Hussars! Hussars fill the role of light cavalry in the Renaissance era, being immune to first strikes with a high withdrawal bonus and a bonus vs. cannons.  Horse Archers now upgrade to Hussars and Cuirassiers are no longer immune to first strikes.  Hussars upgrade to Cavalry, where the roles of light and heavy cavalry merge.  Hussars also do not require iron, unlike cuirassiers, and have the same tech requirements as Cuirassiers.

***** version .75 *****

StackAid promotions increased in power across the board:  promotions give aid in unit type specific categories generally from 5% to 15% for promotion level I to III, respectively; mounted unit withdrawal chances decreased generally from previous HephMod standard (still inflated from vanilla), so that maximum withdrawal chance is Horse Archer/Cavalry with Mobility Aid III (90%).  Added small chance of any unit trained getting "Hero" promotions (from Zuul's old "Promotions and Perks" mod) into the StackAid code.  Stackaid code made more efficient for performance reasons according to Teg Navanis' suggestions (old code made plot checks two or three times more than necessary).

Merged a modified form of bmarnz and Orion Veteran's Inquisitor mod:  Inquisitor units may be trained with Theology, may remove all non-state religions from a city, at the cost of -1 population and +3 unhappiness for 10 turns (indicated by "Hell, NO, we won't go!" in the city screen: uses ConscriptAngerTimer function) and angering other civs with the purged religion as state religion; Inquisitors may not be trained under Free Religion or Pacifism civics (thanks to FfH2 code).  Religious victory a la Orion Veteran enabled.

Major Civics overhaul:  one new civics category (MILITARY), and one new civic in each category.  As with all HephMod decisions, I tried only to pick civics that filled a needed niche or oversight in the original game concept.  Mostly the new civics either fill out the early game (City States, Jurisprudence and Guilds) or the late game (Martial Law, State Atheism, several early game MILITARY civics).  Many features of the new civs are bonuses/penalties that have been moved from previously cluttered civics that were taking in too large a concept (especially when I'd started to use the LEGAL category to reflect military organization!).

Unit changes:  Scouts can now attack and have a strength of 2; Peltasts moved to Archery and no longer get a bonus vs. Elephants (Elephants have a -75% vulnerability to peltasts, however).

Added code to DynamicCivNames so that civs with CityStates civics will be called "Leagues."

Tweaked Revolution mod config files for better gameplay:  nerfed RevIndexModifier for computer players for AI reasons; allow barbarian civs with only one contact to settle (in case you're stuck on your own continent!).

[Whew! The write-up here is so puny, and yet this was so much work! Tweaking Inquisitor mod and StackAid to work properly with the rest of the mod was a train-wreck of Python exceptions, but hunting them all down has given me a wealth of experience which should benefit future versions of HephMod!]

***** version .71 *****

Reintegrated some Abbamouse religion mod changes:  Jewish temples now give -1 health to Pigs, Clams and Crab, and +1 health to Wheat, Fish and Cow; Islamic temples now give -1 health to Pigs and block wine as a resource; Hindu temples give +1 happy and -1 health to cows; Buddhist temples give +1 happy to stone; Taoist temples give +2% global hurry modifier and cathedrals give no extra state religion happiness, but +1 happy regardless of state religion; Confucian cathedrals now give an extra +10% culture rate modifier.  Harbors now give +1 health and +2 health with fish (primary food resource; clams and crabs have been given a +1 commerce yield since fish are now more attractive) and Supermarkets now give a blanket +3 health (non-resource specific), since refrigeration and modern packaging/preservatives/pasteurization increase the sanitation of MOST food sources (not just meats).

New Unit Graphics:  middle eastern longbowman, musketman, pikeman and cuirassier (Zerver).

Introducing ... StackAid! Mounted Aid changed so that strength bonus is cancelled in jungles, forest, hills and cities, but normal penalty to defense has been eliminated, as mounted troops in the open are just as useful in defense as in attack.

***** version .7a *****

Updated to patch 3.17:  Note that this is an alpha that has yet to be fully playtested

Merged Revolution mod 1.6bts

Merged unit info changes from patch:  collateral damage limits on flanking cavalry, increased breadth of units affected by flanking strikes (so that all flanking cavalry can damage a wider range of siege weapons); changes to naval unit relative strengths and abilities (still needs some tweaking, IMO); more limited airship strike damage; siege weapons no longer have access to Combat promotions.

***** version .6 *****

Incorporated Revolution Mod 1.25
Tracked down some unit graphics bugs that appeared after updating to 3.13
Promotions changes: made strength-related promotions more potent, to show a greater distinction between elite and non-elite units in battle. 

***** version .5 *****

Updated to patch 3.13:  removed CivGameCoreDLL and Python RandomEventInterface, as these are updated in the patch.

***** version .2 *****

Added:  Unit XML and Art Files [Buttons not added since alternate buttons don't work anyway]

***** version .1 *****

Added:  GameInfo, Terrain and GlobalDefines files

********** PROJECT PLANNING **********


*Bannor graphics for longbowman, crossbowman, warrior  	
*National units:  do some thoughtwork on including some national units in each era representing elite units
	*on what basis should national units be available?
		a) available with same technology as base unit (elite version of base unit)
		b) available with later technology (advanced version of base unit)
		c) available with specific wonder/building
		d) available with specific civic (must this be implemented with SDK, or Python?)
*investigate implementation of world units: are they native to Civ or part of the SDK mod?
*landmark improvements, to reflect natural wonders (Grand Canyon, Mount Fuji, Niagara Falls, etc.)


From scratch revision and balancing of civic options.  Most civics should be trade-offs rather than simply special ability boosts (though starting civics will probably be poor choices across the board, encouraging switching), having advantages balanced by disadvantages.  Most civics categories represent spectra between two extreme positions in their given category -- each end of the spectrum should be heavily weighted (i.e., big advantage saddled with big disadvantage), while more middling civics can try to balance the two extremes or provide an alternative to the terms of the spectrum itself.  Current plans do NOT include adding new civics or civics categories, but may in the future.  For now, I'd really like to create a balanced, interesting and relatively accurate broad spectrum view of social options contained within the existing civics framework.

		Aristocratic () vs. Plutocratic ()
		Authoritarian () vs. Democratic ()
		Centralized () vs. Decentralized ()
		Closed Society () vs. Open Society ()
		Forced Labor () vs. Free Labor ()
		Protectionism () vs. Exploitation ()
		Free Market () vs. Planned Economy ()
		Tolerant () vs. Narrowminded ()
		Standing Army () vs. Conscript Army ()
		Offensive () vs. Defensive ()



Primary goals in the area of religion are:  

1) to make religion, like civics above, not a win-win situation.  In the vanilla game, there simply are no disadvantages to state religions and no social tensions resulting from pluralistic societies in which religions would clash not only with each other, but with the non-religious or pagans resistant to conversion.  To this end, non-state religions in cities cause unhappiness:  pagan societies are naturally syncretic, and thus this unhappiness is mitigated by a +1 to non-state religion happiness for the Paganism civic (same for Free Religion).  Organized Religion offsets this unhappiness by granting the +1 happiness for state religion bonus (in vanilla granted to any state religion regardless of civic).  Theocracies have to deal with the burden of the full unhappiness bonus.

2) to make the spread of religion less dependent (or not dependent at all) on player-created missionaries and more a product of historically accurate factors.  I wouldn't mind eliminating missionaries altogether -- the automatic spread of religion reflects well enough to me missionization.  Implementation at this point will probably involve fiddling with various code tags that affect spread rates, along with old HephMod's "hierarchy of proselytization," whereby older religions spread more slowly than newer, conversion-oriented ones.  Foundation of religions will also likely be changed to a founding building model (which may or may not require a great prophet to build); the code for this is already implemented in the Gods of Old BTS scenario, so I'm hoping it will be easy to port it (or from Eusebius' world religions mod).

3) to make the seven religions distinctive.  Each religion will grant different global state religion bonuses and have buildings that give distinctive effects (including temples, cathedrals and shrines).  Distinctive effects will include dietary restrictions, varied balances of science, gold and culture (and perhaps now espionage!), unique religious units or religious promotions, etc.  While temples and cathedrals will have more or less minor local effects, holy shrines will have more consequential local effects and global effects that will direct your civilization's development as long as the shrine's religion is your state religion.


While BTS has really done a lot of good work on the modern period, the pre-gunpowder eras of the game still need a lot of work in the units department.  Thankfully, lots of modders have already attacked this issue (Wes' Medieval Mod being one of my favorites) and many of those ideas will make it into this mod.  Also thankfully, scenarios like Charlemagne, Crossroads of the World, and Warlords scenarios like the Mongol, Greece and Rome and Chinese ones provide us with lots of ideas for beefing up the early period.

A general unit mod agenda:

1) Refinement of the rock-paper-scissors model for more historical accuracy and varied tactical playability.  This will entail the introduction of several new unit types that will hopefully enrich the Civ battle experience, including skirmishers (vs. melee) and light cavalry (vs. archers). Some new units will also be introduced to distinguish the early from the late middle ages, for instance, an earlier form of medieval infantry and spear infantry from macemen and pikemen.

2) An attempt to reflect the differences in unit EXPENSE of elite vs. common units.  By introducing new "middling" units like those mentioned above and increasing the amount of free units available (see CIVICS above), I hope to create more mixed armies in terms of expensive and cheap units.  I will probably increase the cost of units that tend to dominate a given period, such as knights.

3) All cavalry will be given higher withdrawal bonuses and some of the counter-measures against cavalry may be increased.  This will give a more important combat role to harassment based units such as horse archers, softening up formations for the main assault.  In vanilla, such attacks are still too risky, IMO.

4) The tech tree for the medieval period needs to be reworked for when units appear to reflect historical development and just to plain make sense.  Crossbowmen and Longbowmen will switch roles and stats, though Crossbowmen will still appear with Machinery, while Longbowmen are moved to Civil Service. Macemen will move to Guilds, and Knights will move to Feudalism (with a little softening, not so uber, while medieval spear infantry earlier than pikemen will probably be introduced to balance the early appearance of knights).

5) Terrain bonuses are being modified as part of this general re-working.  Forests and jungles now give only a 25% defense bonus.  SOME units, only those that would especially benefit from forests and jungles, such as non-spear infantry and skirmishers, will be given this 25% feature bonus back.

6) Upgrade trees will be revised to keep some older units, which will now not be obsolete so quickly because they are serving specific combat roles, around for longer.  For instance, horse archers will now no longer upgrade to knights, because their superior withdrawal chance, immunity to first strikes and cheap cost make them a viable support unit ALONGSIDE knights.  

7) Ethnically Diverse Units:  the new Artstyle definitions make creating variant units for different civilization groups easier than ever, and I intend to take much advantage of this.  I will definitely include an African artstyle (Mali, Zulu, Ethiopia), and probably also a South Asian (India and Khmer) and North Asian (Mongols, Turks, maybe Persians) style.

UNIT Art Credits:
Flavor War Elephants by Chugginator
Ottoman Cuirassier by Zerver
Italian Arquebusier
Valin, Crusader
Arabian units
African units
Native American units

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