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All Files In Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Warlords Modifications
Modifications ViSa Modpack 2.10 Patch

This patch makes ViSa Mod compatible with the latest Warlords Patch.We've reprogrammed alot of the routines (xml, python, SDK) fr...


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Modifications Second Revolution 2.0 MapFix 2.1

This fixes some issues with the map and makes Second Revolution compatible with the latest Warlords Patch.This is a must download...


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Modifications Second Revolution Patch 2

A new patch which alters victory conditions and much more.Highly recommended update if you're using Second Revolution mod.


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Modifications Romania - Warlords

This file adds the Romanian Civ to your Warlords game. It includes new leaders, UU and UB plus several flavour units.


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Modifications Baktria

This mod adds the Baktrian Civilization to your Civilization: Warlords game.


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Modifications Dorian Greece

This mod adds the Dorian Greece civilization to your Civilization 4: Warlords game.


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Modifications Tibet v2 for Civ4 Warlords

This will add Tibet to Civ4 Warlords.


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Modifications Seleukeia

This mod adds the Seleukid civilization to your Civilization 4 Warlords game.


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Modifications Ionuts Civilization Compilation

Compilation of all my civilizations for Warlords 2.08.


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Modifications Civ 4 Warlords Catalonia v3.3

This mod adds the Catalonia Civilization to Civilization 4 Warlords 2.08.


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New Civilizations Thrace civ

Adds the Thracian Civilization to your Warlords game.


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New Civilizations Byzantium v2.0

This will add Byzantium to Civ4 Warlords. It includes 2 animated leaders (Theodora & Basil II), 1 Unique Unit (Dromon), 1 Unique Building (T...


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New Civilizations Armenia

This is my first mod ever! It allows the Armenian Empire as a playable civilization. Try to play as the first nation to adopt Christi...


New Civilizations SubGenius

This will add the Church of the SubGenius civilization to Civ4 Warlords. It includes 1 leader (J.R. "Bob" Dobbs), 1 Unique Unit (Yeti), 1...


New Civilizations The Netherlands

This is a new mod specifically made for the new Warlords expansion to Civilization IV, featuring new unique units, buildings and art! Civili...


New Civilizations Jamaica

New civ - Jamaican Empire for Civ4 Warlords. To install, just unpack archive you downloaded to \Warlords\Mods\


New Civilizations People's Republic of Cork

Here is a rather interesting mod. People's Republic of Cork from the words: Cork is the name of a city and county in the South of Ireland. I...


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Mini Mods Inquisition Mod

Yes, this is another mod that adds inquisitor units to the game but that is where similarity ends between this mod and the others. The fir...


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Mini Mods Building Civic Prereqs

This mod adds new tags allowing for the specification of one or more civics as prerequisites for constructing a building. As an example al...


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Mini Mods Specialist Stacker

This mod "stacks" the specialized citizens, super specialized citizens and angry citizens instead of displaying them side-by-side. It also m...


Mini Mods Expanded Civics Phase3Wa

This file contains the first part of my huge alteration of the civics system-utlizing my own CivicsInfosPlus XML file (see seperate post for...


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Mini Mods Multi-Building Unit Requirement Mod

This mod adds the ability to specify multiple required and optional buildings needed to building units. Any buildings added in between the...


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Mini Mods Pirates Mod

A Warlords variant of the Pirates Mod by TheLopez. This mod basically enables barbarian unis to be spawned in oceans more realis...


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Mini Mods New Balance

This mod slows up tech progress in Warlords. This mod makes the about 25%-40% longer. Since TECHNOLOGIES drive the pace of the ga...