Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Warlords

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All Files In This Category
Name Developer Filesize Downloads
ViSa Modpack 2.10 Patch ViSa Modpack Team 3.64MB 1,760
Second Revolution 2.0 MapFix 2.1 GarretSidzaka 79KB 422
Second Revolution Patch 2 GarretSidzaka 109KB 359
Romania - Warlords Guest 10.91MB 613
Baktria Guest 3.61MB 220
Dorian Greece Guest 6.89MB 244
Tibet v2 for Civ4 Warlords Guest 1.71MB 78
Seleukeia Guest 5.43MB 240
Ionuts Civilization Compilation Guest 29.44MB 509
Civ 4 Warlords Catalonia v3.3 Guest 760KB 246
Thrace civ Aranor 2.73MB 440
Byzantium v2.0 Amra 3.91MB 836
Armenia Drtad 4.67MB 662
SubGenius Flamegrape 873KB 399
The Netherlands theron 1.63MB 764
Jamaica AndyTerry 3.75MB 718
People's Republic of Cork ahappycamper 1.91MB 476
Inquisition Mod TheLopez 2.95MB 179
Building Civic Prereqs TheLopez 1.34MB 82
Specialist Stacker TheLopez 38KB 79
Expanded Civics Phase3Wa Aussie_Lurker 1.96MB 237
Multi-Building Unit Requirement Mod TheLopez 1.29MB 86
Pirates Mod TheLopez 1.12MB 162
New Balance Dearmad 468KB 228
Water Animals mod TheLopez 1.3MB 118
Mehmed II Fix alexman 2.45MB 422
Privateers jenks 7.85MB 143
AI Wars Mod Scizor2120 19KB 502
Great Generals From Barbarian Combat Mod TheLopez 1.23MB 186
Scriptable Leader Traits TheLopez 140KB 99
Allegiance Mod TheLopez 19KB 144
Route Pillage Mod TheLopez 1.19MB 92
M.A.D. Nukes Mod TheLopez 1.9MB 162
M.A.D. Nukes Mod TheLopez 1.91MB 213
Air Forces Mod TheLopez 1.39MB 260
Warlords: Final Fantasy Tactics Mod agentsmith952 1.18MB 268
Multi-Bonus Building Requirement Mod TheLopez 1.31MB 76
New Balance Dearmad 1.3MB 210
Dales Combat Mod Dale 1.16MB 553
Not Just Another Game Clock Mod TheLopez 38KB 89
Great Person Mod for Warlords Amra and Patricius 9.66MB 302
Kets Composite 3.5 Fix Ket 2KB 133
Warlords: WW2 Leaders and Flags Guest 1.64MB 761
MAD Nukes Mod TheLopez 1.91MB 134
Customizable Domestic Advisor v0.94w TheLopez 1.15MB 84
Civics Resources Mod TheLopez 1.26MB 108
Upgradeable Buildings mod TheLopez 1.41MB 111
Favorite Religion TheLopez 1.3MB 105
Influence Driven War v1.0 for Warlords moctezuma 1.16MB 277
Warlords v2.08 Hotseat Fix alexman 7KB 234
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