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New Civilizations Thrace civ

Adds the Thracian Civilization to your Warlords game.


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New Civilizations Byzantium v2.0

This will add Byzantium to Civ4 Warlords. It includes 2 animated leaders (Theodora & Basil II), 1 Unique Unit (Dromon), 1 Unique Building (T...


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New Civilizations Armenia

This is my first mod ever! It allows the Armenian Empire as a playable civilization. Try to play as the first nation to adopt Christi...


New Civilizations SubGenius

This will add the Church of the SubGenius civilization to Civ4 Warlords. It includes 1 leader (J.R. "Bob" Dobbs), 1 Unique Unit (Yeti), 1...


New Civilizations The Netherlands

This is a new mod specifically made for the new Warlords expansion to Civilization IV, featuring new unique units, buildings and art! Civili...


New Civilizations Jamaica

New civ - Jamaican Empire for Civ4 Warlords. To install, just unpack archive you downloaded to \Warlords\Mods\


New Civilizations People's Republic of Cork

Here is a rather interesting mod. People's Republic of Cork from the words: Cork is the name of a city and county in the South of Ireland. I...