Customizable Domestic Advisor v0.95w

Inspired by the fantastic work of Homegrown and Requies, I thought I'd try to extend what they've done and add in game customization - i...


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Inspired by the fantastic work of Homegrown and Requies, I thought I'd try to extend what they've done and add in game customization - including the ability to add new pages, to add and remove columns from pages, and change the order and width of columns, all from within the advisor itself.

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Customizable Domestic Advisor v0.95w
By: Taelis
Updated By: TheLopez

Patch Compatibility: Warlords v2.0.8.0
MP Compatible: ?

Inspired by the fantastic work of Homegrown and Requies, I thought I'd try to 
extend what they've done and add in game customization - including the ability 
to add new pages, to add and remove columns from pages, and change the order 
and width of columns, all from within the advisor itself.
Installation Instructions:

1) Unzip this into the "civ4_install_folder\Mods\" folder. 
2) Open the CivilizationIV.ini configuration file
3) Change the Mod line to read: Mod = Mods\Customizable Domestic Advisor
4) Load the game. 
5) Then play as normal. 

-----Game Play-----

- Customizable tables:
	- Independent columns for production and turns remaining for easy sorting
	- Support for the city zoom button from patch 1.52
	- Correct sorting by date founded
	- Accurate city selections in sorted lists
	- City rankings
	- Real advice (which still needs more work!)

- New columns:
	- Threats, which displays an angry icon if enemy units are nearby
	- Defense bonus, including terrain and bombardment
	- X and Y location
	- "Real" population (the "population" displayed on the info screen)
	- Best conscript unit, and best potential conscript
	- Electric power
	- National city ranks
	- Global city ranks
	- Can hurry (both slavery and gold)
	- All the buildings and wonders
	- All the resources
	- Advisors (VERY basic at the moment - consult at your own risk!)

- Buildings:
This advisor includes fields for all the buildings, National Wonders, and World 
Wonders, with their effects. For example, the advisor displays a food icon for 
a granary (saved food). It also displays a health icon if the city has a 
granary AND rice, wheat, corn, or bananas connected; and the health icon 
disappears if the last of those resources is lost.

- The following information is available for buildings:
	- Working building - (see the next list)
	- No known benefits - "+"
	- In production - the icons from the list below surrounded by "()"
	- Obsolete - "X"
	- Can't be built - "-"
	- Just not there - blank

-Effects displayed:
	- Bread slice - stored food or extra food from water tiles
	- Gold star on the left - capital
	- Silver star - other government center (e.g. Forbidden Palace, Versailles)
	- Gold star on the right - World Wonder or shrine
	- Religion icons - religious buildings
	- Flexing arm - free experience or promotions for new units
	- Keep (defense icon) - land, air, or nuke defense bonus
	- Red cross - health bonuses
	- Happy face - happiness bonuses
	- Lightning bolt - electric power
	- [Angry person] - reduced war weariness or anarchy
	- Music note - culture bonus
	- Gold - gold bonus
	- Beaker - research bonus
	- Hammer - increase production (general or specific)
	- 3 Arrows (trade icon) - extra trade routes or increased trade income
	- Coin - reduced maintenance
	- Green sick face - unhealthiness
	- Figurehead - great person points
	- None of this is hardcoded, so the advisor should work with any mod, even 
	  fantasy mods and others that redefine the game. It will even display new 
	  fields for the buildings from a mod and hide the fields for buildings 
	  from the original game. 

- Controls:
The controls along the bottom of the advisor interface, from left to right, 
	- Page selection drop-down list
	- Customize columns on page
	- Rename active page
	- Add new page
	- Remove active page
	- Save current configuration
	- Restore last saved configuration

The controls on the customization interface, from left to right, are:
	- Shrink column(s)
	- Widen column(s)
	- Promote selected column(s) (moves them toward the left on the main 
	- Demote selected column(s) (moves them toward the right on the main 
	- Add column(s) (adds all columns selected in the list on the right side)
	- Remove selected column(s)

- Columns:
	- NAME - The name of the city
	- AUTOMATION - What's automated in the city?
	- BASE_COMMERCE - Base (unmodified) commerce/turn (of all kinds)
	- CONSCRIPT_UNIT - The best unit the city can conscript
	- COULD_CONSCRIPT_UNIT - The best unit the city could conscript, if it 
	  could conscript
	- CULTURE - Total culture
	- CULTURE_RATE - Culture/turn generated
	- DEFENSE - Defense bonus
	- FEATURES - Capital, national Wonders, disorder, and trade status
	- FOOD - Surplus food/turn
	- FOUNDED - Date founded
	- GARRISON - Number of military units in the city
	- GOLD - Gold/turn generated
	- GREATPEOPLE - Total great people points
	- GREATPEOPLE_RATE - Great people points/turn
	- GROWTH - Turns until the city grows
	- HAPPY - Extra happiness in the city (above the current population)
	- HEALTH - Extra health in the city (above the current population)
	- LOCATION_X - Horizontal location of the city
	- LOCATION_Y - Vertical location of the city
	- MAINTENANCE - Maintenance costs/turn
	- POPULATION - Population of the city
	- POPULATION_REAL - Population of the city in "real" numbers
	- POWER - Does the city have power?
	- PRODUCING - What's being built?
	- PRODUCING_TURNS - How long will it take?
	- PRODUCTION - Hammers/turn
	- RELIGIONS - Religions present in the city
	- RESEARCH - Beakers/turn generated
	- SPECIALISTS - What kind of specialists are in the city?
	- THREATS - How many enemy units are in the area?
	- TRADE - Income from trade routes
	- Plus columns for every building, National Wonder, and World Wonder

-----Known Issues-----

- Forges, factories, and the Ironworks aren't displaying hammer icons, and 
  nuclear plants aren't displaying power icons. And forges, factories, etc. 
  display single unhealthy faces even after recycling centers are built. I'm 
  working on it. 

- When changing the width or order of columns, the first selected column 
  description scrolls to the top.

- Triggering a Python module reload (by changing a Python file for example) 
  with the game running causes the advisor to go blank, and lose any unsaved 
  customizations. Unless you're modding with Python, you'll probably never run 
  into this. If you are, be sure to save any customizations before changing 
  Python files. And simply close the advisor and press F1 again to fix any 

- If a mod that changes buildings is active the first time the Domestic Advisor 
  is loaded, the wrong buildings are displayed on the default pages.

-----Version Information-----


- Updated to be compatible with Warlords v2.0.8.0 patch.


- For some reason the button to open the city screen no longer worked in
  the Warlords version. Some of the city zoom code was removed from the Warlords
  SDK that was in the vanilla SDK, but the original domestic advisor city zooming
  still works. In order to not break the original functionality a new widget type,
  WIDGET_ZOOM_CITY_CDA, has been added to the Warlords SDK code and the original
  code from the vanilla SDK has been added back in. Issue reported by Ket.

  All changes made in the SDK have been wrapped with // < CDA Start > and
  // < CDA End   > tags.


- Updated all code to be compatible with Warlords v2.0.0.0


Dec 29, 2005

- Fixed a &quot;failed to load python module CvEventInterface&quot; error

- Added support for exchanging configuration files across languages

- Fixed the exchanging of configuration files across languages.

- Fixed startup when CustomDomAdv.txt doesn't exist.

- Prevented a crash from incompatibility between specialist buttons and 
  resource icons.

Dec 29, 2005:

- Fixed hidden fields and broken customization screen in non-English versions

- Fixed the features field display of national wonders in mods

- Added columns for the resources


 Dec 28, 2005:
- Fixed automation and culture columns, and added ranking, hurry, and advice 

- Added the flavorful release with new pages

- Fixed a crash from incompatibility between the specialist buttons and the 
  city zoom button

- Added national and global rank, can hurry, base production, and some VERY 
  basic advice
Dec 27, 2005:

- Initial public beta

-----===Credits & Thanks===-----

- Exavier 
	Composite Mod - readme.txt format

- Taelis
	For the original code base for the customizable domestic advisor, All the 
	improvements Homegrown and Requies made (thanks, guys!)

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