Earth 15th Century

Late fourteenth century, dare you follow in the footsteps of some of history's greatest leaders? will you surpass them? Test your might as...


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Late fourteenth century, dare you follow in the footsteps of some of history's greatest leaders? will you surpass them? Test your might as such leaders as Gustav Vasa, Mehmed II, Akbar the great, and many others

Author's notes: This is not a mod, it is a scenario, intended as such as to be played easily with warlords and online with your friends!

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Earth Fifteenth century:
Challenge the world as one of fifteen playable civilizations at the turn of the century, or grab your friends and dare to surpass history's best.

Spain: recently finished with a brutal reconquista spain has done it's best to purge non-christians from it's lands, mass conversions have occoured, and the dreaded inquisition has begun, while the world enters a new age of thought, spain still seeks to preserve it's visigothic heritage. Isabella of Castille andLeon, wife of ferdinand II, Queen of spain has recently unified spain, can she ensure it's longevity with muslim threats at her borders?

France: Under Louis XI france has become united, his armies have beaten the feudallords and united france, but now the king grows old, will he be able to lead france to the same glory he led his own armies to? will france floruish? will it be the first to find an eastern sea route to india? or will france wither and die under the might of hapsburg spain and the holy roman empire?

England: ((to come later, the civ is in, the leader, elizabeth, is a placeholder at the moment, just assume she's elizabeth of york or something ))

Holy Roman Empire: ((again leader is a placeholder)) You are emperor of rome and it's empire, and thus you control the christian world The teutonic lands have all but been absorbed into the empire founded by Frederick I, and you sit in his throne. The sons of Osman grow every more powerful, and each day they press further into your lands. Spain has launched a bloody inquisition and seeks to found an empire. France has been united yet it's leader grows old. Will you tolerate such actions? or will you win honor for Almighty God and the Holy Roman Empire!?

Kalmar Union: Once your peoplewere mighty and the utterance of their names was enough to cause fear and worry. You are of the stock of the ancient Scandinavians, their lands are not yours, unified in an agreement that threatens to break. You are Gustav Vasa, King of Sweden, and though your people may have been fierce once, you now seek to reform thw land, christianity has taken hold, and an age of enlightenment is beginning to sweep the land. Prove to the world your days of barbarism are behind your people. can you live up to the namethat is Gustav I?

russia: Can you surpass Ivan III the great? Dare you follow in his footsteps and refuse the grand khan? dare you cast of the shackles of subjugation and invite the Great Horde to sweep across your lands? You are Ivan III, also known as Ivan the great, Grand duke of moscow, russia is united only under the rule of the Khanate, it will take a truly great man to unite the Kievian rus, Novogrodia, Moscow, and Kherson, it will take an even greater man still to become russia's longest ruler, and survive the coming tide of the Horde. Perhaps if you think wisely you can subjugate the Khanate itself! Come Ivan, the Steppe awaits in silence for the coming bloodshed

Ottomans: Hail, O glorious Sultan! you who have taken Istanbul his own, who is king of Byzantium!You are Mehmed, El-Fatih, Son of Murad II. The christian fools challenge our galleys at lepanto, come sit, feast, for thereis much to be done! The caliphate grows weaker Sultan Mehmedperhaps we can claim their land! we, the sons of osman, would control the arab world from baghdad to morroco! The caliphjate are rooted in their ways, yet we have the gifts of the khanate, we have a fresh stock of janissaries and gallery slaves, let us use them! our scientists are briliant, our lands rich in desires goods, and we control the bass into the arab world these westerners call us infidels, I say let us show them the glory of the Ottomans!

Mali: Mansa Musa, you are one ofhistories greatest kings, your lands are rich, yet there is little to eat, it is a good thing youahve excess and the caliphs are friendly! yet if you were able to spread the ifnluence of mali into all of africa, then your willa nd empire will be as mighty as heaven itself.

Nguni: ((not much to say here, you play as the Nguni, who are backwards technologically and have little of anything, do note though, this civ is not complete, while it is playable, there are several major bugsthat need work))

Golden Khanate: You have taken this land from your brother, and the gods saw fit to take land from you... The Rus grow rebellious, the mughal forsake us, the chinese wage war on us, yet you are grand khan of the golden horde!
Show these fools true power! ((note: this is a difficult[or meant to be] civ, they are behind in technology, but control the most land and own the russian statesupkeep will be high, for your empire is dying, the chinese have started a new dynasty, overthrowing mongol rule and the mughal forsake your rule can you prove yourself a worthy leader? can you save the dying khanate?))

Mughal: You are Jalaludin Muhammed Akbar I! Akbar the Great! Ruler of the mughal empire! surpass try to surpass akbar himself and conquer the entire indian subcontinent (( sorry for the lack of a description here and any further lacks, it's getting kind of late here))

Ming Dynasty: freed from mongol rule, the chinese must now attempt to re-establish themselves in the world, but the mongols still lay at your borders. there is hope though, in islanders who call themselves "the japanese"

Japanese(( pretty standard here thought cvomplete and playable))


Aztecs: The americas are full of tribes, all destined to bow before the gods and the aztec people! the gods chose you to lead your kind to conquest, prove yourself worthy to the heavens and crush anything on land.

Inca:Hard to play civ in the andes, cut off from any major land

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