Gigant Earth Map - 24 civs

Truly a work of art. This map is 210 x 90 in size with 24 civs in it.

Map was not made using a map generator, but was drawn manually. Th...


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Truly a work of art. This map is 210 x 90 in size with 24 civs in it.

Map was not made using a map generator, but was drawn manually. This enables the flexibility to upscale the size of any interested region.

Nearly all resources have been placed on real statistics.

The author has included a excel file detailing the statistics and a TIF file for the way borders are divided (this is only for statistic purposes). You will find a lot of interesting statistic information from this file, but that is up to you to investigate.

In the end all that I can say is that this is a must download.

Enjoy everybody.

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Download '' (1.81MB)

 Giant Earth Map (Eurasia Upscaled), 24 civs
Version 1.15

After more than half a year's of work, I finally completed this Giant Earth Map.

The features of this map are:

1) Giant size Earth map (210 x 90) with 24 civs (for Warlords).
2) The entire map is drawn manually (i.e. without using a map generator). This enables the flexibility to upscale the size of any interested region.
3) Fully referenced resource allocation. Nearly all resources are placed based on real statistics.

I also attached a excel file detailing the statistics and a TIF file for the way the borders are divided (for statistic purpose). You will find a lot of interesting statistic from this file, like how much a region is scaled (for example, England is 3.71 times upscaled) or how many of a particular resource is placed within a region (for example, Southern China has 10 rice).

The download: - Version 1.15

Place the mod folder under "Warlords\MODS\", load the mod, and select "Giant Earth Map v1.15 Thai" or "Giant Earth Map v1.15 Celt" in the scenario menu.

Version 1.15 change log

Bug fixes:
1) City names for Thai.

Terrain changes:
Reallocated some terrains in Turkey based on post 74.

Resource changes:
1) Added a copper in Cyprus [14].
2) New Stat for Stone allocations [15].
3) New Stat for Marble allocations [16].
4) Reallocated some resources in TUrkey based on post 74.
5) Added a horse in Morocco and 2 wines in Algeria.
6) Added 2 horses in Sudan.
7) Added a wine in Syria.

Version 1.14 change log

1) This map is now a mod. But the only thing changed is the city name list.

Terrain changes:
1) Lower the mountains in Northern Germany - it was a bit too exccegerated.
2) Added some ice in the arctic area, but the arctic pass still remains.
3) Add some more forest in Europe and deleted some forest in northern scotland.
4) Added some more flood plain and oasis in many places, including Britain, Spain, Mongolia, Arabia, Algeria, Ukraine, Baltic, Mexico - they needed some help.
5) Removed some flood plain in Westcoast of Africa, Northern India and Northern China - they were too fertile.
6) Changed the jungle and flood plain distribution near Thailand.
7) Changed the jungle, forest and floodplain distribution in Brazil and Argentina. Added a river near Sao Paulo.

Resource changes:
1) Added 1 sheep in the Andes and 1 in Mexico, near Incan starting location [9][11].
2) Deleted all cows in North America, as the native American domesticated animals only populated in Middle and South America. Now there are only sheeps in the Americas.
2) Replaced two gold in Japan with two silver, as it should be in the first place.
3) Replaced one iron in Britain with one coal, as it should be in the first place.
4) Add some villages to the map.
6) Added a clam in Baikal Lake.
7) Added a horse to Britain.
8) Deleted a pig in Canada. I don't why it was there.
9) Added a copper and an iron in Italy [10]. Removed the horse and capped the number of stones to 8.
10) Added an iron in Rio Tinto, Spain [10]. Removed 2 stones in Former Yogoslavia (the 2 extra stones originally were overflown from Italy)
12) Capped Copper mine in Chile to 10. Removed all copper in Argentina and Bolivia (these were overflown from Chile).
13) Capped Iron in Western Australia to 5 (was 9).
14) Capped Wheat in France to 5 (was 7).
15) Capped Stone in Turkey to 8 (was 10).
16) Capped Rice in China (reduced by 4), Clam (reduced by 4), Crab (reduced by 2).
17) Capped Rice in India (reduced by 4), wheat (reduced by 2).
18) Capped Fish in Peru to 8 (was 10).
19) Capped Corn in USA (reduced by 5).
20) Capped Rice in Indochina (reduced by 3).
21) Removed Fish in Bangladesh (was for game play balance).
22) Removed Fish in Sri lanka (was for game play balance).
23) Removed Fish and Crab in India (was for game play balance).
24) Removed Fish and Crab in Australia and New Zealand (was for game play balance).
25) Removed Fish in Poland (was for game play balance).
26) Removed Fish in Portugal (was for game play balance).
27) Reallocated resources in France, based on suggestions from post 66.
28) Reallocated resources in New Zealand, based on suggestions from post 68.
29) Reallocated resources in Argentina, based on suggestions from post 70.
30) Added Whales in South Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and Quebec [13].
31) Reallocated resources in Thailand.

Starting location changes:
1) Moved Arabian to Jordan.
2) Renamed Viking to Scandinavian and moved it to Stockholm.
3) Moved Persian a few tiles closer to the mesopotamia, where Susa should be located.
4) Moved Aztec to Mexican Eastern Coast, where Olmec used to locate.
5) Moved Incan to Lima.
6) Moved Russian to Kiev.
7) Moved Turks to Tashkent.
8) Providing two versions of Giant Earth Map:
i) A Thai version (My personal preference), which replace Celts with Thai and located it in the ancient capital of Siam, Sukhothai;
ii) A Celt version, This is for those people who like the original favor. But I feel it is a little too crowded and out of balance.

Bug fixes:
1) Max number of turn was 460. This line is deleted.

More to come, but I need YOUR feedback to know what needs to be done! Please let me know what you think the map should be, no matter it is just one tile that you think is not correct.

References and Acknowledgement:
[1] Collins Complete World Altas, 2005.
[2] The Jacaranda Atlas 4th Ed., 1992.
[3] Australian Geographic, Antique Globe.
[4] BGS (British Geology Survey), World Mineral Production 2000-2004, 2006,
[5] World Biomes,
[6] Elephant Care International,
[7] Rhye, Earth map, 24 civs [for Warlords].
[8] Wikipedia

[10] Copper From the Bronze Age to the Fall of Rome
[11] Llama

[12] Perseid New Civilization: Thailand - Version 1.1. Used for Thai city names and other civ texts

[13] Whaling History.

[14] Cyprus-Island of Copper.
[15] Marble and More, World Stone Industry: Leading Quarrying Productions.
[16] StoneWorld, Year End Statistic (2005 Year-End Statistics).
[17] University College London (2003), Horses in Ancient Egypt.

A special thanks to Kswoll for his MapEditor. Without it, I can't possibily do cut and paste sooo many times to get the right scale I want for building this map.

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