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Warlords mod only and only an alpha version. To quote the author there is no magic yet in the mod, only many new units.

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Warlords mod only and only an alpha version. To quote the author there is no magic yet in the mod, only many new units.

This mod is the first fantasy mod out there for Warlords.

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Download 'japanese_mythology_v005.zip' (195.72MB)

19 Nov 06: version 001

Added: Ninja, Typhoid Mary, Royal Galleon and a Skeleton.
Added more units: Harlequin, Arcobat, Oni, Djinn, Centaur, Piros, Eye,
Hunter. 14 new Leadheads, a stronger harlequin, Samurai Horse Archer, 
Samurai Knight, Samurai Arquebusier. Cav, Asian Warrior, DireWolf, 
Sam Horse Archer different horse,Heavy Knight, Troll, Riot Police, UFO,
Eco Terrorist, Attack Drone, BeastWarrior, Beast Archer, BeastSpearman,
Beast Chariot, Chaos Marauder, Chaos Shaman, Chaos Priest, Chaos Cultist,
Manticore, Warhound, FLeshhound, Daemon Prince. CaveBear, Cyclops, 
Junzi, Phakak, qimuksiit, settler w/wagon, Griffon, a wierd looking axeman,
blazer gun, siberiantiger, polarbear, pandabear, duin the werewolf, pig,
infernal lord, orge, birdrider, 3 Tokugawa's with a sword each has a better
strength value, a brand new werewolf, Deer Rider, Bear rider. 
6 Animated LeaderHeads, adding a different map also, barrow, swordsman 
with big shield and sword. More Animated L/H's, female archer, female 
horsearcher, elven rider, treant, a dark samurari.

11 Dec 06, 6:30 PM: version 002

FireMage, Buck jetfighter, ChimeraTank, Dark Samurai, Frost Giant, 
Hill Giant, HydraTank, Naboofighter, organgun, satellite, HellhoundTank,
ManticoreTank, 6 more different LH's, 18 New 
techs, new building SAKE, 2 new improvements (sea mine, sea farm),
training yard, open-market, japanese support in the UN, 5 more 
New techs, Shinto religion, Shinto shrine, 
Shinto monestary, Shinto missionary, Shinto cathedral, Shinto Temple,
Weapons Range, Black Pyramid, Black Library, tsukiji, elven range.

Update: 1 Jan 07, 3:15 am, version 003:

YGGDRASIL, Hero Loracaz, evolution wonder, Grim Reaper with hourglass,
reaper on horse, unicorn, pegasus, hell mount, changed ALL the 
CIVIC ICONS and got then larger, changed 
alot of the Tech icons and made then larger also, changed WATER from blue to GREEN but if you want purple you can also, you 
have three choices there(just read the readme and it explains how to do, 
pretty easy, treasure storehouse mint, new improvement treasure chest of
gems, new civ METAL (lots of FEMALEs), started adding units to the unique CIV area, added baby bear, baby red dragon, hunting demon, ashbearer, hellhound, balor, infernal longbowman, infernal executioner, sect of flies, infernal pikeman, infernal worker, deathknight, graveborn, assassin, and ranger.

Version 004: 16Jan07, 8:15pm

Changed some of the Tech Tree around, changed some of the Civics, added Orc Civ, Vamps Civ, Dragon Civ, Death Civ, Dark Elf Civ, added to the DE civ (all unique units): worker, warrior, axeman, maceman, immortal, berserker, archer, flurry, longbowman, marksman, archmage, shadow, hunter, knight, lunuance, scout, adept, assassin, conjuror, flurry, horsearcher, horseman, mage, nightbringer, settler, added to the Vamps civ: scout, hunter, ranger, beastmaster, shadow, dragon ranger, dragon beastmaster, dragon warrior, added olives, cotton, tobacco, and ancient temple resources
(You have to put them in yourself), fixed Ninja civ takeover (item # 80 (suggested by Joebasalt13) back to regular spy status, added another Civ Mountain, HEROES (Arthendain, Bambur, Gilden, Hemah, Jeff, Kithra, Mardero, Maros, Rosier, Saverous, Sphener, and Valin), Added to SUN civ: Unique units (archer, assassin, beastmaster, flurry, horseman, hunter, immortal, longbowman, maceman, archmage, marksman, pikeman, ranger, spearman, paladin, scout, settler, worker and warrior), Hunting Lodge,and a Carnival.

Update: (next change will include the following):
Version 005
Battering Ram, Green Worker, Marinew/M16A2, added to the WATER civ: Unique units: Guybrush (Hero), archer, assassin, hunter, immortal, longbowman, maceman, pikeman, ranger, spearman, scout, settler, another swordsman, pirate captain and warrior, Added Unique Units to Orc Civ: archer, spearman, swordsman, warrior, worker, axeman, berserker, crossbowman, settler, chariot, longbowman, maceman, warchief, stoneskin, steamtank, NEW Male Spy, MOON swordsman, Japan Hero Dragon Slayer, skeletonspearman, skeleton immortal, skeleton swordsman, skeleton spearrider, skeleton horsearcher,
Lizard Civ: Kryat, worker, axeman, lizardman, goblin spearman, assassin, druid, pikeman, added a Pirate Ship, Bowyer, Darth Vader?? a new stable w/horses,a female statue, elf palace, more changes also.

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