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Revolution makes Civ4 more dynamic: new empires will rise in the middle of the game, over-extended empires may crumble, and colonies break a...


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Revolution makes Civ4 more dynamic: new empires will rise in the middle of the game, over-extended empires may crumble, and colonies break away from oppressive rulers. This mod pack includes SDK changes that allow the creation of new civs in the middle of the game and the ability to change which civ you control in the middle of the game.

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[B]Revolution Mod Pack[/B]
By jdog5000
Version: 0.72w
Date: 10/15/06
Civ Version: Vanilla 1.61 & Warlords (seperate downloads)

[COLOR="Green"][B]Game Ready Components:[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR="Yellow"][B]In Testing/Further Development:[/B][/COLOR]

[B]The goal[/B]

The goal of this modpack is to make Civ4 more dynamic.  New empires will rise in the middle of the game, over-extended empires may crumble, or colonies break away from oppressive rulers.  Almost all of these features are working as of now.

[B]Gameplay Components[/B]

The primary components of this mod are BarbarianCiv and Revolution.  Briefly, BarbarianCiv allows Barbarian cities to "settle down" and spawn new full-fledged civs.  Revolution allows colonies or groups of cities to demand changes to your empire or independence.  The version of Revolution has essentially absorbed the concepts from the Rebellion component that was in prior versions, plus there are a few new Revolution types.  With the SDK changes in this mod pack, these three components can spawn completely new civs that were not in the game before.  Both of these components are also highly configurable and enabled by default.


These are components that are not directly game play changes, but instead can be used for fun or debugging.  AIAutoPlay allows the player to turn over the reigns of their civ to the AI for some number of turns.  Uses for this include watching the AI, "fast-forwarding" the game if you're bored or want to see the effects of mods you've made.  This component is enabled by default, but makes no difference if you don't use it.  ChangePlayer allows the player to switch which civ they control and the leader or civ type of any civ.  There are some issues with changing the civ type of living civs, but all the other pieces are working well.  This component is disabled by default, but can be enabled in Revolution.ini.

[B]What's in development?[/B]

Working on ways to support civics mods, to rename civs dynamically, and to enable civs to band together into confederations.


Many options and tweaks are available in Revolution.ini, including enabling and disabling each individual component.  For specifics on what can be changed, check out the ini file.  Note that yes, you can enable or disable a component, or change one of the other features, and continue with an in progress game.  However, you will probably need to save, exit, and reload.

[B]Compatibility Notes[/B]

Version 0.72 is not compatible with prior saves.

All components are designed to be as compatible with other mods as possible.  It will work with any mod that simply adds new units/techs/civs, as it searches through the XML data for the best buildable units of a certain class or with a certain AI type and spawns new civs by searching for unused civs.  However, it may not work properly if you have removed unit classes or removed some techs (like Horseback riding) or removed the minor or barbarian civs from the XML.  Unfortunately, changing civics is not such a simple change (PM me if interterested).

I have not tried this in multiplayer, but it's unlikely to work.

[B]Trouble shooting[/B]

This mod has a couple of features to help determine if you have installed it correctly.  First, it will complain if it is unable to locate Revolution.ini ... it should still work when it can't find this, but it won't have any of your modified settings.  Second, in Revolution.ini in the Config section you can enable ActivePopup.  With this, the game will popup a window informing you what of these mod components are active.

When starting the mod, if you get no interface, please see the posts by b3virq3b starting [URL=""]here.[/URL]

[B]Note to Modders[/B]

This mod uses DrElmerGiggles custom event manager, many thanks to him for putting it together! It should be very easy to merge the Python portion with other mods that also use this convention.

This mod also uses Teg Navanis's enhancement of Stone-D's tool kit for saving mod data.  

Sources for the SDK code are included in the download as is an FAQ that contains (somewhat outdated) descriptions/answers to how to use the SDK sources for your own mod.

[B]Gotta give my props[/B]

Thanks to Dom Pedro II, Twisted_Stixx, Goobernatorial, suspendinlight, TheGreatApple, Quijote, Cincinnatus3, GenocideBringer, Seven05, AnarhCassius, Colin, b3virq3b, and Peuri for their ideas, bug reporting and testing.

Thanks to DrElmerGiggles for his custom event manager.  Thanks to Stone-D and Teg Navanis for their work on saving mod data in compatible ways.  Thanks to TheLopez for the Dead Civ Scoreboard mod component.  Thanks to Lord Olleus for idea on how to call functions at the end of a players turn.  Also, thanks to DrElmerGiggles, TheLopez, Kael, Rhye, and others for their answers to questions and code I browsed for implementation ideas.  Awesome Revolution logo by skylined!

Thanks to Dom Pedro for joining the team and helping make support for civic mods a (soon-to-be) reality!

[B]Change Log[/B]

Version 0.72w

Added a customized version of Teg Navanis's enhancement of SD's tool kit for saving mod data.  As a result, saving mod data should now be far more compatible with other mods.
Added a PublicMaps folder with a couple maps.
  - Update to support changes in mod data saving methods in RevUtils
  - Assimilation now successfully converts units as well
  - Modifications to limit the number of units a rebellion gets for a city
  - Capped max possible rebellion quelling effect of city garrison
  - Now can only assimilate military units, not great people
  - Changed number of rebel units algorithm to take into account both city population and nearby defenders
  - Players spawned in violent revolutions store the turn they were spawned
  - Added join revolution style so that cities with still existing violent revolutions will continue ongoing revolt
  - Slightly more likely to keep control of capital
  - Open borders intially signed with peaceful rebels you let go
  - Reduced the civ size benefits of running Representation and Universal Sufferage
  - Adjusted civ size penalty based on era to be more lenient to early-mid eras
  - Decreased civ size penalties for mid-large empires
  - Increased civ size penalties for huge empires
  - Large numbers of rebel units spawned now causes a small decrease in city population
  - Added config options for adjust odds AI leaders accept or deny rebel offer
  - Added config option IndexOffset which adjusts the cohesiveness of all civs
  - Fixed bug in reinforcement logic allowing overly rapid reinforcement

  - Updated to support SdToolKit
  - Modified getUprisingUnitTypes to weight older units more, allow for more obsolete units
  - Modified getHandoverUnitTypes to accept a player for comparison, and only give units that player has built or are outdated
  - getHandoeverUnitTypes now always returns something for each category
  - Added getNumDefendersNearPlot
  - Changes to getUprisingUnitTypes to make offensive units less common (requested by Dom Pedro II)
  - Fixed bug causing homelands units not to be moved when choosing to hand over control to rebels you're at war with
  - Added option to take control of other civ when your civ dies

  - Added support for SdToolKit
  - Delayed attack by militaristic barb civs on first civ they meet now uses saved data
  - Updated to support unique buildings
  - Give techs now uses hybrid of what's known world-wide and what's known locally (should have 'new world' be farther behind)
  - Builder style now given config number of random researchable bonus techs instead of based on what's already known
  - Reduce num units for early barbs
  - Balance style barb settle only gets one tech

  - Added TXT_KEY_REV_WARN section

  - changeCivPopup and changeHumanPopup launchers are no longer members of class

Known issues:
    - unit flags of units visible to human do not change when civ changes
    - if a civ previously occupied this slot, the plots they could see will be visible to new civ
    - AI will not forget trades with previous incarnation of player


This mod should be placed in (civ install directory)\Warlords\Mods\Revolution\.  Any other path may cause the game to be unable to find the Revolution.ini file, and then any changes you make to Revolution.ini will not appear in the game.

Clear out your cache! Delete folder (username)\Application Data\My Games\Warlords\cache.

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