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Here it is, Warlords version of Total Realism mod. One of the best and most popular mods out there.

The last official version of this mod...


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Here it is, Warlords version of Total Realism mod. One of the best and most popular mods out there.

The last official version of this mod made it even in the PC magazines with more than 50.000 downloads.

In this mod, religious system has been completly reworked, many new units have been added. The team has implemented for each civilization dozens of new unique and ethnical units. African Civilizations do actually look African, Far Asians look Far Asian and Native Indians look Native Indians.

New wonders also have been included in this mod, about 10 wonders with videos and much more.

This mod will rock your world. Download now!

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Download 'totalrealism_for_warlordsgold2.0setup.exe' (197MB)

After more than six months of development and beta testing we proudly present:

* This mod requires Civilization IV: Warlords 2.08

After our last TR release for Civilization 4 Vanilla 1.61 we have realized that a mod requires much more intense testing before it gets released. In order to keep our fans happy we decided to develop behind the curtains and releasing a Beta version each time we had reached our milestones. Before this Gold release we had published five Beta releases that have been gently tested by our beta testers in the project forum and at this point we would like to thank you all kindly for all your efforts to make this project happen.

The last official version of this mod made it even in the PC magazines and we are especially proud of that – thank to you fans – belong to the Top 5 Civ4:mods. With more than 50.000 downloads of our last official release we feel determind to continue.
We are at this time a hard working team of 4 people from 4 different countries. If you wish to see and read more about us; please visit the official website. For discussion and support please use this thread.

We promise you a new Game experience and we are not just saying it…

We have completely reworked and redesigned the religious system in the game. Each religion has special characteristics and can help you to reach your goal. Become a protector of a religion, spread it with missionaries, defend it with inquisitors and use it for political purposes. We have even made complete new paganism religious system that is based on the time before any of the seven religions has been founded. Each nation has its own unique pagan temple…It is your choice if your nation shall remain Pagan or anything else…For more information about religions click here.

You can adopt slavery and literally capture the enemy’s armies as slaves. Let the slaves be working for you to extend your empire. But be careful that slaves tend also to start a rebellion and fight back for their freedom. Train units and distribute them outside your cities to protect the weak points of your empire in case a rebellion starts…

Small empires are always weak? Not in this game. New civics such as Classical democracy can help you to have a powerful little state. This is especially useful when you are surrounded and cannot expand that easily. But be careful, Classical Democracy was not the same as the modern democracy since it promotes slavery. Don’t be surprised if you had an increased slavery uprising…and also be careful that once you decide to expand this civic can become very expansive…For more information on new civics click here

Once you reach the middle age you will realize that monarchy isn’t the same, neither is Serfdom the same as before. Owning peasants is one thing, but acting like a bad landlord to them makes them angry and likely to revolt…Check also our Improvement changes

Diversity is the key

We have implemented for each civilization dozens of new unique and ethnical units. African Civilizations do actually look African, Far Asians look Far Asian and Native Indians look Native Indians. We have put a lot of effort to include all these amazing units, unique buildings and even new ethnical city graphics in our mod. (Thanks at this point to all unit / building creator)

Check out these new units:

*We haven't finished all the screenshots yet. There are 100 more units awaiting you in the game.

New Wonders

We also have included about 10 new wonders with videos in this mod. From Classical time until Renaissance you will feel the difference.

Ethnical Unique Great People

Another attempt of us to bring more diversity to the game was the feature of giving each nation unique great people. Zoroaster won’t be born in Germany anymore but in Iran. Alexander Graham Bell won’t be born in China anymore. Rommel won’t be born in France anymore. For this purpose we have created more than 450 new great people and implemented another 350 great people from other mod components.

Rules of War

The rules of war have been constantly refined and have reached a perfection balance. Experienced Ancient units might have a change against Classical units, but they would fail against medieval units. In other words if the difference between the units is older than one era, the older one won’t have a chance in the battle. The lonely Spearman on a mountain wont defeat tanks anymore…

We have implemented some unique rules for some unique looking units to provide each civ a certain time of military superiority over the enemy. Each nation will have these periods during the game.


We have added plenty of new promotions and have completely refined the old promotions through your feedback. Choosing the right promotion is now more than ever the key to success on the battle field. Click here for more information.


We have refined the generals with healing features. They also are now ethnical unique generals as mentioned above and can be also gained by fighting animals and barbarians. But be careful Barbarians can also become generals and give you a hard time.

Better AI

We have implemented the latest version of Better AI Mod and are certain that this new way of AI programming plus our old improvements in the world map would drop your jaw.

World Map:

The Realism world map has been updated and is ready for you to show your abilities as an emperor.

Raze a city shorter than razing a cottage?

Not anymore. From now if you or AI try to raze a city it happens like in real. The Population and buildings get decimated each turn until the city is no more. Only small cities of 3 get instantly destroyed. This way you get some time sending troops to rescue your fallen cities.


Use your assassins to weaken your enemies...


Or use the optional mercenaries to bring down the enemy's walls...


I would like to thank the whole team for their time, effort and all the hunger and hygiene problems we went through despite – some of us - being married and having babies that turn off the computer while uploading the gold version.

I would like also to thank a lot more people. If I have forgotten to mention you in the credits below please forgive me (and send a PM)

Warlords: Total Realism Gold Team:

Houman “Houmie” – Team Leader
Peter “Mexico” – Senior Developer
Yann “Hian the Frog” – Designer, Developer
Andreas “Charly77” – 2D/3D Artist

Derwin “Ankenaton“

Beta Testing:

Thanks and credit to all these modders:
TheLopez, asioasioasio, Rabbit White, Snafusmith, MaxRiga, The Conquests, Never mind, C.Roland, Ploeperpengel, Notarzt, Chalid, sharick, Chamaedrys, esnaz, ArdRaeiss
ComG, baal_isidro, seZereth, Hunter, LittleRedPoint, heroes182, Expositus, Von Zeppelin, Robo Magic Man, nautil, tlucky4life, RogerBacon, Mumin, krowtrobot, Zuul, Aranor, Hell's Angel, villo, Tremo, Snaitf, 12monkeys, Frontbrecher, Bhruic, SupremeOverlord, Cafegio, AlazkanAssassin, Stone-D, Thalassicus, Optimizer, Master Lexx, Mylon, Patricius, naf4ever, abbamouse, Sevo, Willowmound, TheFourGuardian, Arne and all others which can be forgotten

P.S. My flight is going in few hours. I have to go now. Happy Winter Holidays, Happy Yalda and Merry Christmas! And hey we kept our promise! And hey your mom lied to you; there IS a Christmas man - it is us!!!! Ho ho ho

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