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First total conversion mod of Warlords Expansion. This one includes several new units, civilizations, buildings, improvements...

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First total conversion mod of Warlords Expansion. This one includes several new units, civilizations, buildings, improvements...

From the words of the author, this is just a temporary mod until someone makes a real total conversion mod but still it's a must get for all Civ 4 Fans.

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Download 'turtlemod_v2.rar' (44.05MB)

Beta 2

Some people have asked me to put up a quick Warlords conversion mod..so here it is (at least until modders make thier complete mods compatible)

I made this one (or borrowed from others) with the idea of playing multiplayer with friends online, so we dont like massive amounts of new units, or epic long play etc...(btw, if you like playing mp, drinking beer and just playing relax civ, hit me up on xfire as frednietzsche)

anyways...the mod....ill be editing the credit; so if your name isnt listed yet, just pm me etc...im slowly crusing through the forums figuring out where the credit goes too...

I. Civilizations (UB: Unique Building; UFC: Unique Forbidden City)
1) Romanians: UU Vanatori; UB Romanian Brewery; Cuza by Aranor
2) Canadians: UU Mountie; UFC CN Tower; UB Eirik; Trudeau & Macdonald by CivArmy s. 1994 & Wyz_sub10
3) Phoenicians: UU Bireme; UB Ancient Dock & Eirik; Hiram by CivArmy s. 1994
4) Texans: UU Texas Rangers; UFC Alamo; UB King Ranch; James Bowie by Tactician Zhao
5) Israelis: UU Macabee; UB ??; Soloman by CivArmy s. 1994 & Ariks (but changed a few things)
6) Scotland: UU Highlander; UB Scottish Tavern; & Eirik by i think from the civgold by Wyz_sub10

II. Ethnic Units (Mostly by Rabbit)
1) Asian: Crossbow, Fighter, Galley (from warlords scenario), Longbow, Musketman, Pikeman, Scout, Settler, Swordsman, Warrior, Spy/ninja
2) African: Archer, Knight, Scout, Settler, Warrior,
3) Arabian: Axeman (from scenario), cavalry, longbowman, pikeman, scout, settler, spearman, swordsman
4) Native: Archer, Settler, Warrior
5) Nordique: Spearman (Vikings, Celts, Scotland, Germany)
6) European: Fighter
7) Eastern/Russia: Fighter
8) Americas: Fighter

Other Units
1) Anti-Tank -immobile AT
2) RPG (Bazooka)
3) Aegis
4) Hill Archers (receives bonus attacking or defending on hills)
5) Polar Bear
6) A-10 Thunderbolt

III. Buildings
1) Eirik- UB for several countries…gives off production and electricity for factories (takes the place of the hydro plant)
2) White House (UFC for Americans) by Rabbit
3) Great Sphynx of Giza (UFC for Egyptians and Arabians) by Rabbit
4) Leonardo’s Workshop (UFC for Cathage and Romans)
5) Statute of Zeus (UFC for Greek)
6) Siege Workshop xp for Siege weapons by van Frost
7) CN Tower (UFC for Canadians) by Rabbit
8) Taven & Brewery by Duke van Frost
9) Ziggurat of Marduk by.....

IV. Religions
a. Shinto by Dual...but didnt add the new tech

V. Resources
a. Cannabis, Tobacco, Cotton, Pearls, Coffee, Salt, Saltpeter & Potato by Greenmod
b. Natural Gas by Sevo
c. Great Barrier Reef by Turtle

VI. Improvements
a. Solar Panels by C Roland
b. Ethenol Refinery by Sevo
c. Natural Gas Refinery by Sevo

VII. Components
a. Enhanced Tech Conquest by Lopez (so far, the only component that seems to work 100% with Warlords)

VIII. Traits
a. Seafaring & Tolerance (Vikings and Phoenicians have seafaring)

IX. Other
Correct Flags on most contries. by Bad Ronald, Chamaedrys (1 german flag/button), newmdkiller (spain), bnickell05 (texas)
New Roads by Patgarr

Things to do:
1. Snaifts attitude mod is giving strange results (works until the city has a wonder, than the attitude/score shows in city view covering up the specialist and severally slowing the fps.
2. Demolition mod..not working yet
3. Sevo's religion mod intrigues me.....i especially like the martyrs and sleeper cells....ive always wanted to rework the barbarians as a terrorist group and have suicide bombers as a unit (one that works like a missle, looks like a unit, can sneak in enemy territory)
3. Add more unique buildings, Especially unique forbidden cities/great palace. Add more unique units.
4. Couple of more leaderheads.....I would love to find a Hitler, Osama bin Laden, and a George Bush (animated, not static). I hate all 3 and would love to go against all of them.
5. Ethnic/Specific Jet Fighters and Tanks

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