3 Ways to win a copy of RA3: Uprising

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Published by JohnWE 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


You don't have Uprising, but want it for free? Here's your ticket(s).

1. CNC World's Competition. Simply Vote in their poll and leave a comment there. Then you might be randomly picked.

2. CNCNZ's Posting Competition. Let them know why you should be the one to get a copy. Make them laugh, I guess. Tell them the story of what happened to you on the way to school the other day...

3. Planet CNC's FanArt Competition. Finally, one where you have to do some actual work. Make a pretty picture! Make it funny or make it actually worth of winning something. Either way, you'll win a copy.

So does that leave us out? No contest here on CnC-Files? Just be patient, your time in the sun is coming.

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