Ackerman Defeated!

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Here is Howard T. Ackerman's defeat speech in light of the recent elections in the USA

"My friends, it is with a heavy heart and a vengeful spirit that I now stand before you. Last night, the American people spoke, and they spoke with a deafening and definitive voice for change. Unfortunately, it was not the kind of change we had envisioned. It was not the kind of change that calls for a 9000% percent budget increase for defense and experimental weaponry. It was not the kind of change that calls for armoring dolphins, sexier commandos, and battleships the size of Hawaii. It was not the kind of change that demanded preemptive strikes on enemies and possible enemies. While I salute my opponent and acknowledge his victory, I urge him to not ignore the 43 people that wrote Howard Ackerman on their ballots. Now is the time to work across party lines, transcend partisanship, and achieve the common goal of making America the absolute and unquestioned ruler of the planet. I thank you for your support.

Screw ‘em all, Howard T.Ackerman"

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