Allied Coverage at GameSpot: Greg Kasavin Interview+ New Trailer

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GameSpot posted an exclusive update on RA3 today, focusing mainly on the Allies. First, there's an interview with Greg Kasavin about the game. Here's a snip:

As mentioned, in the solo campaign we'll have you working with a variety of interesting co-Commander characters, who'll be experiencing the events of the story alongside you. I think players will get pretty attached to some of these guys, and it'll be interesting to have to fight against them as well as alongside them depending on which campaign you're playing. Better yet, these co-Commander characters extend into the skirmish experience of the game, making your standard battle against the computer feel much more personal than you might expect.

Then, there's a video version of this interview, and lastly, and most importantly, a new trailer, showcasing new CGI, gameplay and FMV scenes.

Check all that out here:

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