Battlecast Primetime In Depth Analysis

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[quote]Hey everyone, As you are now well aware, our "revolution" announcement is live on our website and you can watch the teaser trailer for the upcoming debut of Battlecast Primetime, a new series introducing Command & Conquer TV. Watch the trailer here: http://www.commandandconquer.com/game_details/videos/default.aspx And some quick info so you are not confused: -Battlecast Primetime is not related to the "free Battlecast viewer". That is still under production and will be coming soon. I'll have an update on that in my upcoming blog. -Battlecast Primetime is an online TV show as part of our new Command & Conquer TV initiative. This is not going to be shown on cable TV! This will be shown on our website, EA.com, YouTube, and other media venues...online only. -The focus of Battlecast Primetime is on the latest C&C news, exclusive news and tid-bits, a special focus on great C&C matches, highlights, and much more. It is a show dedicated to giving you the fans Command & Conquer entertainment and news in a very different fashion than you are used to. This is a revolution in the sense that its something which has never been done before for Command & Conquer, for an RTS, or for any other video game in quite this manner. You should expect the unexpected. For all those who may have mixed feelings about todays announcements, no worries, but I ask that you save your judgement until the show debuts and you've watched it! This is a brand new initiative and we are committed to make it a new "online show home" for C&C fans in as entertaining a fashion as possible. Your feedback on the show will be key to that. The show debuts next Tuesday, August 14th and it will contain a number of surprises that you have not heard about yet. So, stay tuned for that and I recommend multiple viewings of the trailer, need I say that again :o) -APOC[/quote] What is Battlecast Primetime? Rich19: As far as I can see, it's a dedicated show for replays and announcements and stuff. JohnWE: It appears to be some sort of show that has interviews with developers, videos of matches, info from EA. This Announcement was being hyped for the past week as "C&C 3 Will Be Revolutionized". Your Opinion? Rich19: This was overhyped. "Revolution" makes it seem far more than it is. Definitely not a revolution as far as I'm concerned. JohnWE: I'm not sure how this revolutionizes the game. Sure it's nice to have more info on C&C and what they're working on, but this is more a minor dissent than a revolution. Announcement Hype/Dissapointment aside, what do you think of the concept of these videos? JohnWE: I like that they're going to start with videos, that's a promising area. I wonder how long they'll last, though. EA's used interesting media before like blogs, podcasts, and now videos. Other developers have been using so called "Video Podcasts" or "Video Interviews" to convey this sort of information. I wonder what drives EA to call it by a different name. Rich19: Perhaps a desire to be different. I think it's a fair concept, but I'm not sure I'd be too eager to tune in as soon as one is released. I think I'd rather read a short summary and tune in if there's an official announcement. I know I'd far rather be playing a game than watching a replay. With the catchy name, do you think EA has more planned for Battlecast Primetime than what other developers are doing? Rich19: Perhaps. The focus on replays could make some outstanding players better known, for example. However any official announcements and suchlike would be posted on official websites anyway. I don't think there is that much more that CAN be added, though Replays and announcements are the big things I think of. JohnWE: Maybe we'll see stuff about mods in the videos? I know that any mod crew would absolutely love to see them getting mentioned in Official videos Rich19: Ah, good point. It would certainly be a way to get more publicity. What content do you think EA needs to put on the videos to make them must-see? What combination of official news/developers talking/community news/replays/other is a good balance? Rich19: To be a must see download for me, I would be expecting some sort of big announcement, either official or unofficial. An official patch or an update for a popular mod are the sorts of things I'm talking about. I'm not really so interested in replays or developers talking. Even then, I wouldn't be refreshing a page every 5 seconds to download a new video the second it comes out. As I've said before, I'd much rather read a summary. JohnWE: Funny question, because I already know much of the developers news from other sources. And I already know all the mod news. It'd have to be a big official announcement for me to download it. Actually when I think about it, if EA does a little bit of each, and keeps it short and exciting, that might be quite interesting to people. Personally I'd like to see massive interviews where the designers lay bare what they changed and why they did it that way, but I don't think it'd be interesting enough for most people to see it. Now what do you think? What would make you really want to watch the video?

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