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Published by JohnWE 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


For those of you who didn't attend CNC Live, you missed the results of the C&C3 Contest.

So here they are for everyone! If you were a winner, please contact me at johnwe at cnc-files.com

3rd Place: 1 Kane Lives Shirt, 1 copy of Deluxe Edition to Wee_Ooh! (Comment #2)

See, the other day I had just finished listening to my favorite podcast when I decided to play some Starcraft. Just as I put the disk in, someone grabbed me from behind. I struggled to escape, but due to prolonged computer playing time, my muscles had become atrophied, and I was quickly overpowered by my kidnapper.

2nd Place: 3rd place's + 1 C&C Drink Mug to Dimanche! (Comments 25-28)

A Chinese gattling cannon had popped up out of the ground, and was now spewing lead at the Chinooks. One had fallen to its wrath already, and another one was being shredded by the shrapnel from hell. Soon all of the helicopters were nothing but burning piles of metal and flesh. The gattling cannon stopped firing and sank back into the ground. I suspected that the Chinese had set up a secret base somewhere, and they were soon to attack. I only hoped that the US military could come in time. Unfortunately, the Chinese were already coming.

1st Place: 2nd place's + to Israeli Red Dragon! (Comment #36)

Think of having your own photographed signature of Kane himself. Next, use your awesome photoshopping skills to take out the signature of Kane and put it on say, a document, which can be printed as a letter. Now think of the possibilties that you can have with that letter:

- Go with that letter to one of the Temple of NOD and show them that Kane wants them to launch a nuclear missile straight on Washington D.C..

Congrats to all the winners, and good luck in our next contest! Head over here to see everybody's stories. It was a hard choice for everybody involved!

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