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IGN added an interview with Gavin Simon, almost entirely focusing on the Commander's Challenge mode. It offers quite a detailed look on what to expect from the mode and has a couple of new screenies to offer, thus I recommend at least skimming through it. Here's a snip:

IGN PC: From what we've seen so far, it seems there are bits of story in some missions delivered through cinematics featuring live actors. Is this true for each challenge? Do storylines carry over between challenges and if so could you describe a few and if there'll be an overarching narrative setup? Which characters will be making appearances and in what capacity? How do you feel in the impact of including these kinds of stories affects the players' experience in each challenge mission?

Gavin Simon: Yes, there is an overarching story to the mode, supported by live-action cinematics. The player takes the role of a FutureTech Corporation operative who is briefed by a devious new character, Kelly Weaver, played by Jodi Lyn O'Keefe. As a commander for FutureTech, you'll have access to stolen technologies from all three of Red Alert 3's factions, and will have the choice to play all of the Commander Challenge missions as any of these armies.

Five of the commanders from Red Alert 3 have returned and four new ones have joined the fray, including the tough-talking Commander Hill, played by 16-time WWE champion Ric Flair. All nine make numerous appearances throughout the challenges, supported by over 150 cinematics. For example, when you play against Ric Flair as Commander Hill, he will give you signature comments and taunts during the match and just generally try to give you a hard time. He'll definitely not let you win without a fight!

Commander's Challenge provides a "critical path" of just over a dozen missions taking the player through the main storyline, while branches take the player through a multitude of differently themed side-paths. The player is free to navigate any side path, exploring the characters and technology of each.

See the full interview here

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