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CnC fans, join the C&C Dev Team in their very first live chat on Xfire this Friday at 7PM EST (4PM PST)! They're having a chat party and everyone is invited to join! You may also win a copy of Red Alert 3: Uprising.

Click here to download Xfire, then read on below to learn how you can join the live chat!

The following members from the C&C Development Team will be on the live chat to take your questions about Red Alert 3: Uprising and Red Alert 3 for Playstation 3.

* Jason Torres - Senior Designer (Uprising) * Matt Britton - Art Director (Uprising) * Jeremy Feasel - Game Designer (Uprising) * David Seeholzer - Development Director (PS3) * Simon Golding - Technical Director (PS3) * Aaron "APOC" Kaufman - C&C Community Manager / Live Team Associate Producer

And don't worry, they'll also save a little time in the end to take questions on Red Alert 3 for PC in regards to patches, tournaments, and community support in general.

The chat will run for 1-hour this Friday, February 20th, 2009 at 7:00pm EST (4:00pm PST)

If you are unsure about what time that is in your time zone, check out:

How To Participate:

-- Download the Xfire Chat Client and register your username

-- You must add "cncdevteam" to your Xfire friends list --- Do it now! (Go to Tools > Add Friend)

-- Also, they find it best to use the default "Xfire" skin for the chat. It is also recommended that you turn off chat logging: Tools -> Options -> Chat.

Chat timeline (EST time): February 20th

* 6:30 pm: You must have invited "cncdevteam" to your friend list before this time * 6:45 pm: You should be logged in and awaiting group chat invites * 7:00 pm: Developers will come online * 8:00 pm: Chat will end, prizes will be raffled (you must be online to win)

Chat rooms

* The chat will be moderated by the C&C Community Manager, APOC. In order to simplify the question/answer process, 3 separate chat rooms will exist.

1. Central Command This is where the C&C dev team will speak. You can see this room, but not talk in it. The C&C dev team will copy and paste Q&A here.

2. Official Question Room This is where you can submit questions for the development team to answer. We will monitor this room and cut and paste the best questions for the dev team to answer. 3. Unofficial Chatter All participants will be present in this room. This is your place to chat with other participants about whatever you like - discuss which questions to ask, talk about their responses, make new friends, and enjoy the community of fellow gamers.

Dev chat guidelines

1. Be polite. Don't spam. When people spam the question channel, it's hard to pick out the good questions 2. Have pride. Don't beg for your question to be asked 3. If you see a question you like, chime in: "I like xfyre's question" 4. Don’t abuse the system or other users or you will be kicked out of the chat 5. Please do not send friend invites to the dev team or RA3 team members 6. People that ask the best questions have a better chance at winning the prizes!

This is a great opportunity from our C&C Dev Team team; show them your appreciation and talk some C&C RTS!

If you don’t receive any room invites five minutes into the chat, you may PM "cncdevteam" but beware because cncdevteam might be busy, and unable to invite you, but he will send you an invite as soon as he can. Your best bet to join the chat is to adhere to the simple instructions above Commander!

They're hoping to make this a new monthly tradition, so let's kick it off with a bang! They look forward to seeing you this Friday at 7PM EST (4PM PST) in their first Xfire Live C&C Dev Team Chat..

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