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Published by Mr.Funsocks 11 years ago , last updated 1 year ago

Hello and welcome to the very first Top 5! Fate is very cruel, and alas, this week has been not that busy in terms of CnC. But don't worry, we have enough here to satisfy you. Going from new videos, to maps, to screenshots, this Top 5 is jammed with CnC goodness.
A Screenshot of Tiberium
#1 Tiberium Gameplay Video

What's better than seeing a brand-new video of Tiberium? Well sure, Kane's Wrath would be better but this is pretty high up there... A full twenty-one minutes long, this is the video to really start to grasp what Tiberium really is. We all had some misconceptions about Tiberium, I'm sure, but now it's time to get the facts straight! With interviews with executive producer Chris Plummer and lead programmer Dan Orzulak, questions about the game finally get answered. Questions like Tiberium's Storyline, Multiplayer, and Cut Scenes are all included. To view the new video, click here.

A Map Featured From the Mappers Guild Mappack
#2 Mappers Guild Tiberium Wars Mappack 1

The most professional maps for CnC 3 are finally out! The Mappers Guild has some pretty big expectations to live up to, and this one does not disappoint. This mappack includes fourteen maps that are very spectacular. Not only are these maps detailed, but these are maps which could have came with the game. A very big deal if I do say... To download the map pack, click here.

Legos Fight It Out In Tiberian Legos!
#3 Tiberian Legos Episode 1

Our friends at CNCNZ really love their legos. Featuring a brand new episode of Tiberian Legos! For those of you that haven't seen this before, Tiberian Legos is a lego version of CnC parody with, you guessed it, legos. This has been very popular, for good reasons. Tiberian Legos is very funny and will touch CnC players. This is the real story on how the Second Tiberian War began. To view the first episode of season three, go to YouTube.

#4 Patch 1.10 Possible Changes

Yep, EA is at it again. Community leader Apoc has put out some of the things that EA has proposed on changing in the upcoming 1.10 patch. It's very interesting to see some of the changes proposed, like how the Nod Attack Bike is "too slow". Some of the changes are a little on the deep end, but that's EA for you... Don't forget, if you don't like the changes, go and leave some feedback at their forum. To view Apoc's blog, click here.

The New Repair Vehicle
#5 New Kane's Wrath Screenshots

Oh yeah! It's about time we get to see these new units. So far, Kane's Wrath has promised all these new units, but they don't seem to be around. Now we get to see them at last, as EA has just released new screenshots on Kane's Wrath. The screenshots show battles in Kane's Wrath and new renders of units such as the Behemoth and Repair Vehicle. To view all the screenshots, click here.

This is our first one, so tell us how we did! Would you like to see this change in anyway? Do you think we left out anything? We're looking for feedback!
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