CnC-Files' Top 5 | September 22-28

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Published by Mr.Funsocks 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Wow, we haven't had a Top Five in a very long time. Why start again? Simple. I have made a PHP script that allows me to mass produce this thing quickly and easily. I know everyone isn't cheering... But hey, Top Five is back anyway!

#1 FileFront Network Teamspeak Server on-line!

This time, our Network Teamspeak will be used!
It has been a long time since we had a Network Teamspeak as well. This new Teamspeak can be used by anyone and everyone that enjoys to play games. Please thank for hosting it! If you cannot figure out how to use the Teamspeaak button on the left, the IP is
To read more, go here.

#2 TheGunrun's Ideas for Future Command and Conquer

Since when is Gunrun paid to think?
Here is TheGunrun's long list of what he would like to see in future Command and Conquer games. Most of the list is actually just things seen in previous games that were good ideas. You will enjoy reading the whole thing; leave your feedback!
To read TheGunrun's list, click here.

The Powerful Empire Navy
#3 New RA3 Rising Sun Trailer

Teh Empire Strikes Back!
This trailer shows off Red Alert 3's powerful CGI and FMVs. Its quite cool seeing the power of the Empire, as the trailer portrays them as the new Super Power.
To see our news post on it, click here.

The Prism... Erm... Mirage Tank!
#4 New RA3 Unit Profile: The Mirage Tank

Stay Unseen!
Here is the final tier unit for the Allies, the Mirage Tank. When not moving, this tank will turn into a tree or a rock that will be virtually invisible to the enemy. The firing mechanism is reminiscent to the Prism Tank in Red Alert 2.
Click here to see the unit profile.

Introducing the New Breed of Engineer!
#5 New RA3 Unit Profile: The Eotrs Engineer

These Engineers are track athletes...
Here is the new unit profile for the Eotrs Engineer. These geeky, nerdy units are the perfect tool to use to capture enemy buildings and neutral structures.
To see the full unit profile, click here.

So I hope you enjoyed the first Top Five in a million years. Stay tuned to next weeks Top Five for more Command and Conquer goodness.

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