CnC-Files Top Five | October 6-12

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Published by JohnWE 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Hi. I'm JohnWE and I've hijacked the Top Five for this week. Funsocks says he's supposed to be writing who he thinks should be the next President. *coughnotobamacough* So I'll take you on a trip this week and show you stuff that you've never even dreamed of. Oh, and while you're reading this, have you entered my contest? You only have a few days left.

We Want War, Wake Up!
#1 Hell March 3

Frank K is back again.
Part of Frank Klepacki's third song in the Hell March series has been released in the newest trailer for RA3. It sounds awesome! It combines some of the good sounds of HM2 and the original to create some awesome Soviet Stomping music.
The HD video with the best sounding sound is here.

Captain Sulu
#2 Emperor Profile Revealed

No, not the tank.
George Takei is the character who plays the emperor of the empire of the rising sun in RA3. So EA made a profile of him with some behind the scenes info.
Check out the entire listing here.

#3 C&C Reborn Beta Test

It's your time to apply.
The C&C Reborn team, in preperation to release their latest version of the mod, has requested YOU, (yes you) to become a beta tester of their mod. Act quickly, you only have until the 20th.
Go apply for your chance at the Reborn Site.

Which one?
#4 RA3 Computer Case

For only $50, a little poster can be yours.
So the folks over at HP have decided to cash in on the ladies from Red Alert 3. They have skins to apply to computer case sides with pretty pictures on them. Any of the three commandos works, or you could put all three if you have a really big case I guess.
Go order yours.

#5 Laser, Nuke, Demo General Mod

It's time to bring back a bit of Generals.
Time to dust off that old copy of Zero Hour and try out the newest mod! What could be better, you try your hand at the three best generals, except now they're enhanced!
Download it now.

It was a good weak all around, mostly due to the fact that Hell March 3 was introduced. Keep your eyes peeled this week for some exciting exclusive stuff coming to the community around here! It might even have something to do with Frank Klepacki.

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