CNC-LIVE - First Live C&C Webcast (First Episode This Saturday)

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Published by TheGunrun 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


This Saturday, the Fourth, at 7pm Eastern (12 midnight GMT) Command and Conquer Live debuts.

CNC-Live is a completely independently run community show hosted and produced by TheGunrun. The show's cast is determined by whoever wants to be on the show. All anyone has to do to be on the show is add "TheGunrun" as a friend on Skype and ask him to add you to the preshow. As long as you have logical opinion, respect, and maturity and you convey to the rest of the cast that you have something valuable to bring to the table, YOU'RE ON!

CNC-Live uses a combination of skype and stickam to produce an incredible interactive forum for members of the C&C community to speak their mind and share thoughts on what is going in the C&C world. Stickam features a built in chat box where anyone at all can talk about what the cast is talking about on the show in real time.

Every show will be recorded and posted in mp3 format and also will be video archived on the Stickam site itself, so that when people view the site when the show isn't live they can watch a streaming feed of a past show.

Cast selection starts at 6:30pm(EST) and the show begins at 7pm(EST) at

Cast is limited to six participants. Three slots out of the six slots are reserved for EA/Fansite staff and will only be occupied by non staff members in the event we do not have enough staff members for a given episode. The other three slots are reserved for the community to guarantee we have a wider range of opinions.

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday!

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