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Saracen just posted CNCNZ'c community feature, the roundtable discussion, for July. the participants are:

* Saracen - Co-Webmaster * Sonic - Webmaster * Chickendippers - CNC World * Banshee - Project Perfect Mod * HeXetic - Planet CNC * Blbpaws - CNC Generals World * Mighty Bob! - CNC Source * Hagren - CNC-Files

Here's a snip:

What is your overall impression of the Empire of the Rising Sun faction so far?

Saracen: Impressive is my first word. The greatest thing EA have done with this faction is to make them different from the Allies and Soviets, instead of having them as a tacked on faction. My only hope is that they're not tacked on to the Single player campaigns. As for other things. I certainly like the build mechanic, like the new economy model, the Empire's build mechanic is reminiscent of Earth 2140, which was one of my favourite RTS games during the 1996-98 clone wars, and well, I could write an essay about other areas of this faction, but I'll save that for another date.

Read the full discussion here, covering Zonerunners departure, Renegade X, Yuriko, Kane's Wrath's ousourcing and the KW ModSDK:

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