Roundtable Discussion 12: Fan-Only-Edition

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Remember the news about's new roundtable, giving the fans the chance to speak their mind to EA? Well, it has been released today. And there's even a member from our site participating, cnc-fin- Next to members from various fansites. It discusses RA3's DRM, RA3's beta, the Premier edition's beta key, the state of the CnC community, and mod outlooks.

Here's a snip (Highlighted for significance :P):

How do you feel about Red Alert 3's SecuROM/DRM copy protection methods and will it influence your decision to purchase the game or not?

Alex06: All that this DRM has done so far is make EA lose profit. And it didn't even stop pirates from leaking out Mass Effect and Spore. (The latter which was leaked FOUR entire days before the game was released officially) Sony and many others learned from the mistake of restrictive DRM that makes customers feel like potential criminals and untrustable, dishonest people. This DRM does nothing but force customers to be limited in how many times they can use a product. Pirates were still able to play the game illegally and all. They were unrestricted. It didn't stop them and made more people pirate Spore and not buy it instead.

It's made by the fans for the fans and truly intriguing to read, so check it out here:

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