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Good day to ye, fellow site visistors!

CnCNZ 14th roundtable has been added yesterday, sharing again the thoughts of key members of the community such as Lion from CnCDen or Hexetic from PlanetCnC. This time, they discussed the expansion system of RA3, RA3 on consoles, it's reviews, soundtrack, pros and cons, and the new CnC hub.

Here's a snip:

Question 4) What direction could C&C go so it's not considered “another run of the mill RTS†in the future?

Saracen: C&C severely suffers a lack of depth in all areas. As an RTS goes, this is nothing more than an entry level RTS, which makes it appeal less to experienced strategy genre fans. Even long time C&C fans like myself. So C&C needs: Longer campaigns. This will also mean a longer, stronger story. Tonnes more strategic and tactical depth in Single player Campaign and Skirmish missions. I cannot put enough emphasis on Strategy especially. The 'Click-2-Win' missions with uncovered FoW and arrows over the top especially have to go... Improved mission design would also improve all above points, no end! To be honest, C&C and its mechanics need to change dramatically. C&C has been like this for over 13 years now, and has remained true to the original with very few dramatic changes other than Graphical and Interface tweaks. It's a great game for newbies, but for anyone with experience in the RTS genre, the franchise is no longer relevant in a modern day market. The franchise as a result has become “Run Of The Mill†because strategy gamers now wish to see more variety and challenge in their games. Ramping up how much the AI cheats in this case, is not the answer! Forget the fans shouting “This is not C&Câ€... Developers have to remember that the games industry never progressed dramatically through the 90's because of narrow-minded fanboy input!

Continue reading the full roundtable with Saracen, Sonic, Lion, Chickendippers, Banshee, Hexetic, Mightybob, Zephyr and myself here

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