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Published by JohnWE 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago
It's time! The Non-Disclosure Agreement I signed at EA is expired! So now we all get to enjoy ALL the information on Red Alert 3. I will wager this is the most complete information anywhere. What are you about to be seeing?
  • Interactive Tech Trees meant to mimic the tooltips in RA3
  • Complete information about every unit, structure and special power in RA3
  • Full rundown on the Secondary abilities of EVERY unit.
  • Hands-on gameplay reports.
View here: Allied Information Soviet Information Empire Information And then, for some hands-on gameplay experience, the background behind the Empire faction, and more previously unreleased info, go over here.
The fog of war isn't revealed on higher ground (up cliffs) unless you go up on top of the hill. Then you can see a very far distance. So I put two dogs on cliffs overlooking his base so I could see what was up there. There were some minor skirmishes between infantry and then some IFVs. I then decided to 'borrow' his Construction Yard with an engineer. Then I sold it as he was about to take it back only to find that there was another engineer who appeared when I sold it!
For more, click here. Merry Christmas!
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