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EA just put up an interview with lead art director Matt Britton and designer Jason Torres which goes into the creation of a unit, and showcases some either full cut units or design changes in ones that made it through.

Here's an example:

Nearly resurrected from Red Alert: Aftermath, what was the original purpose of the Chrono Tank for Red Alert 3? What was the original design and directive?

[MB] The Chrono Tank idea was pretty straightforward. On the art side it came together easily - it's just a slightly futuristic tank with a chronosphere mounted on it.

[JT] The original design was to utilize a unique movement mechanic (teleportation) on the Allied Faction's special tank. We thought it would be fun to teleport Chrono Tanks and surprise the enemy, but we didn't want that ability on the main battle tank (the Guardian Tank) for balance and faction asymmetry reasons (the Rising Sun already had a unique, fast traveling main battle tank in the Tsunami).

Continue reading here with more screenshots and details.

Pretty intriguing if you ask me :)

On a side note, brace for a new, central official EA CnC hub soon!

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