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YO, guys PLEASE don't download any KW "1.01 patches" from any one yet......Here is some official news from APOC.

Hey everyone,

There seems to be mass confusion about the patch download available at Large Downloads. First of all, this is likely not the final patch build you should download, regardless if it is our final EXE, and the files up there were put up there to assist with our ECG submission process. Please do not download any patch file until you hear the official word from us.

We are working to get the patch live and are looking to begin the upload process later this afternoon. Again, I am not going to come on here and say the patch is live until it is officially live on our servers where you can download it manually or auto-update through the game (which is what you should do).

And finally, some people are commenting on the balance already and even a desync that one-person experienced in a match. Every one of you has been through a patch release before and anyone with a bit of common sense knows and understands that you cannot judge a patch-balance until at least a few weeks after its release. This patch changes the game dramatically, and if you are trying your same tactics and seeing the same results, its because you haven't evolved your playing style or played against people who are using the benefits of the new balance. So please, please, do not make threads discussing the patch-fail-balance until you've thuroughly tested and played many games. It is absolutely unfair to us, to our patch designers and testers, and to the community to make such a baseless opinion off ONE game. We ask that you not be quick to judge and like anything else, give a patch time to evolve and breathe.

Regarding the desyncs, we spent hundreds of hours testing against them and have fixed the primary desyncs people were experiencing. Its absolutely possible you will experience a desync again, but extremely less frequent and in most cases would be the result of someone trying to cheat against you or a "red-herring" case with a rare desync. But we have tested and tested and have fixed the primary desyncs so you should not experience these nearly as frequently, hopefully not at all when you download the official patch.

We'd also appreciate those who are not quick to judge, we're doing a service for the community and while its long over-due, all fairness should still be granted in the service itself. We'd really appreciate the support as it helps keep us motivated and thankful for having a fantastic community. So thank you for sticking through some of these tough times in recent months, and I am excited to see this patch come out and make Kane's Wrath for PC the game its meant to be, at least to start =)

Thank you for your understanding, I'll be back when the patch is officially live.

Thanks, APOC

We will post the file up here as soon as it is released by EA CYA Commander ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Patch is live you can get it via the game control center.

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