Eurogamer interviews Jim Vessella about Kane's Wrath

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Published by MercZ 15 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
Eurogamer has posted a recent interview with Jim Vessella concerning Kane's Wrath. It is all in German, but Sonic over on has posted the highlights of the interview. [quote]General Info: * Your job is to help Kane become leader again and unite Nod as single group. * *SPOILER* Fighting for the Tacitus against GDI after the third Tiberium war will be part of that. * We will get to know what happened with Slavik and Cabal, while he also declares that there wont be any characters from TS in the game, albeit new, which is weird, since we already know Slavik will be in the game in some form or another. * There will be even less rendered sequences, while we get much more to know about Kane and Nod, and the style will resemble classic C&C games. * Mechapede will indeed start as one small piece of unit that will get more links during battle and is customizable on the fly. * They will pay attention that technology wont be mixed up in these 20 years the game spawns, he gave "No advanced sonic weapons in the TS era" as example, while old units as the bike or the Juggernaut will be there . He also said that, by chance, there'll be a surprise for TS fans regarding more TS units. * Max player number stays on 8, but they will look into it to make some maps bigger to provide more room for battles, expansion and strategy. * The Black Hand subfaction mostly uses fire-based weapons and very potent infantry. * There won't be any new multiplayer gaming modes, since they want to focus on the subfactions balance, joy and challenge of play, since allies can combine those special units. * Direct X 10 won't be implemented, but some new effects will see the light of day. They want to take more time for the engine than just jumping on the bandwagon. About the Global Conquest Mode (As said, only SP): * By taking territories you will get upgraded tech, by building bases greater room for expansion and more resources. * You can customize which troops to take. * There will be dynamic mission objectives, i.e. secondary objectives which grant you more resources or free upgrades, and missions won't resolve only around killing the enemy as in BfME. * There is the possibility of a demo version, but there is no definite answer yet. * Currently their focusing on making the best the expansion pack, but they will inform us concerning the future of C&C. They are quite content with the results. Thanks to Hagren, from our forums[/quote] No new screens unfortunately, and doesn't have much new information, but it does have some notable pieces, such as- -Aside from Slavik and CABAL, no characters specific to TS will be seen. That is ok with me, since Slavik and CABAL were the only two I really cared for anyways. -More information about that mechapede unit -More about Kane and Nod- This is always a biggie, especially for those of you who keep track of the Command and Conquer storyline. The thing about less rendered sequences concerns me though. -" chance, there'll be a surprise for TS fans regarding more TS units" At least they are aware that the fans are demanding for some TS tech. We'll hopefully see more. -If what they say about the Black Hand sub faction is true, maybe we'll see some truly deadly infantry. And there is a thing about the Global Conquest Mode, which I'm holding judgment from until I get more information about it. But as of all the information we have gotten to this point, I still believe these are the hot issues. -Walkers and TS tech? I wasn't always a big fan of walkers, but it's really big with a good deal of fans. We'll see if EA actually does something with it. -How big a role does Slavik and CABAL actually play? Again, we'll have to see. -The Global Conquest Mode: Will it actually be truly dynamic, or just a slew of skirmish battles?
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