First RA3 Allied Unit Profile: The Peacekeeper

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Yay, it has been added at last, again with historical background, strategic info and media.

Here's a snip:

The peacekeeper program was jointly developed in the United States by top-ranking New York City police officials, the U.S. Army, and a panel of Allied top aides and strategists. The results of the program were controversial at first: The Allies green-lighted the full-scale training of forces suitably armed for heavy close-quarters combat, rather than for open battle, yet began deploying the peacekeepers in frontline encounters versus Soviet conscript divisions. Mind you, only when faced with such enemies are the peacekeepers authorized to use deadly force, and the Allies have committed to strictly enforcing this yet never had to. After all, peacekeepers all undergo the same strict regimen and ultimately swear the same oath in support of those in need of their protection. In keeping with their mandate, peacekeepers' accessories are highly protective in nature, allowing them to effectively guard civilians--or one another.

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