First Uprising Profile: The Cryolegionnaire

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Yes, you read that right. Cryolegionnaire. I wonder which unit inspired this badass son-of-a-gun? ;) Being able to jetpack, skate on water and freeze a wave of enemies in front of him makes him one of the, literally, coolest units in the history of gaming. Here's a snip from its profile:

Part of the appeal of the Legionnaire Initiative is in the nonviolent nature of its approach to conflict resolution. Cryo Legionnaires eschew any conventional weapons in favor of a semi-portable "cryo-cannon," whose technology was co-opted from FutureTech's own Cryocopter design. This device quickly absorbs 99 percent of all heat in a fixed, conical area out in front, essentially causing everything in the vicinity to quickly freeze over. The effect is so rapid that living creatures go into a fugue state, such that their frozen bodies can be detained, collected, and later revived in time for a speedy and fair war-trial.

See the full profile with a short demo vid here

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