Games in Concert: Hell March 3 (Includes Live HD Video)

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Published by TheGunrun 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


On November 15th Frank was a special guest in Utrecht, Holland, at Games in Concert 3. Frank performed for the first time ever, the all new "Hell March 3" complete in conscript costume, with Holland's own popular rock group, After Forever.

A note from Frank on the show: "The crowd response was amazing and much more than I expected. I wasn't even nervous to get on stage, until I heard them annonce with the Metropole Orchestra and After Forever was an honor for me, as here I am coming to Holland for the first time ever to perform with these established musicians in their own country, and they were so personable and great to work with it was as if I had known them longer than the week I was there for. I couldn't have asked for a better experience and I was happy to meet and sign autographs for the fans afterward. So many of them have emailed me over the years, that it was great to finally meet some of them in person. I appreciate all the support I've gotten from the Dutch people, and can't thank them enough, and I especially give thanks to Engine Software for sponsoring me to be there." Photos of the Event

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