I've made my own RA3 map that I want to share. Where do I put it?

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Red Alert 3 has been out for weeks now, and just recently we got the Worldbuilder along with the 1.05 Patch.

Now I'm sure that alot of you guys out there have tons of maps lying around, just waiting to be uploaded to us for the entire community to expirience. Sad part is that we don't have a actual Red Alert section yet. Wich is bad, we know, so we've found a tempoary solution that in the long run should help you guys get your stuff online.

You've got your RA3 map packed and ready to go. Here's how you do it. => Select the "» Submit Files" option to the left. => Under "Game", if not already selected, select "CnC3" => Under "Category" scroll down until you find a option called "Red Alert 3". => Now choose the appropriate sub-section and choose the file to upload using the "Browse" button, and click "Continue".

From here it is pretty much as usual. Follow the instructions and fill out at least Required fields.

To make sure that people can see it is a map for RA3, add [ RED ALERT 3 ] to the "File Title"

Once we ger RA3files up and running we will move the files to the appropriate folders.

Sorry for the inconvinience, we hope to have everything in place as soon as possible.

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