Interview with Futuretech's Head of Corporate Communications

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Apoc just added a hilariously stern interview with Futuretech's spokeswoman Kelly Weaver which reading I recommend to everyone. Along with it comes a unit trailer of Uprising. Here's a snip: [quote][b]Lately your corporation has been developing weaponry that, according to your critics, could potentially be used to catastrophic effect. Camoscanner technology, the S.H.R.I.N.K beam, and now the Frostbite do you ensure law enforcement officers use these new weapons in politically- and ethically-correct manners?[/b] KW: First of all, I think it's patently unfair and frankly even a little irresponsible to suggest that any of FutureTech's products have a violent purpose. FutureTech is in the business of creating products and providing services that lead to what we strongly believe could be a better way of life for everyone, irrespective of nationality, gender, creed, you name it. It is true that our products may serve a variety of purposes. This can be said of the tools in a hardware store, or of virtually any important invention in the last century. Having said that, FutureTech is committed to maintaining the highest possible ethical standards -- not only do we bear this as a moral responsibility, but it is also our responsibility to our shareholders, who naturally expect FutureTech to operate above board at all times. We work very closely with our clients to ensure the safety of everyone who touches our products. And we have an award-winning support staff working around the clock with our customers from around the world to answer their questions and address their concerns. FutureTech Corporation does bear a heavy burden inasmuch as any inventor of life-changing technology has in the past; so we are committed to doing right by our customers at all times. We wouldn't be here if not for the generosity and goodwill of our customers, so the least we can do for them is guarantee their safety.[/quote] Read the superbly written full interview [url=""]here[/url] On a more personal note, the Cryiolegionnaire's accent alone is worth experiencing Uprising imho :P
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