JohnWE is going to EALA! Post your RA3 Questions!

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Published by JohnWE 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


That's right! I'm heading off to EALA to test out Red Alert 3 in all it's shiny new glory. I expect to stay at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, as usual. I will get a chance to hear presentations from the developers and then try out RA3 and hang out with the developers! Sounds like the trip of a lifetime? Well, it's my third time down there, and every time, it is!

I'll also be making a presentation to the developers back with a new C&C video from my brothers and I. If it gets finished soon enough.

Here's what I will be paying very close attention to:

  • Gameplay
  • Videos
  • Fun Factor
  • What in the world all the units are, and how the Nuclear Night Ninjas (I mean Japan) compare

Here is what I'm not going specifically to find out:

  • How short Apoc is
  • Why they even considered putting a Left-Select / Right-Action in RA3
  • How polluted Los Angeles is

What do you not know that you want to about RA3? Ask me and then I'll find out!

Before you ask me something that's already been asked, go here and here.

Post your questions below. You have till Wednesday at 4:00 GMT or 10:00 US Central, cause that's when I'm leaving.

Alternatively, go ahead and leave a message that I can pass along to any of the developers. Or a specific one.

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