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Two german fansites just posted more info on RA3, and I do not want to hold 'em from you :) Read a translation below:

General info:

-Known civil tech buildings: Oil derricks and banks (Work like Tiberium spikes), observation decks (reveal parts of the map), hospitals, garages, airfields and graving docks (Repair/heal the respective unit-types over time on the whole map) -Secondary abilities are generally casted by pressing "F"


-The javelin soldier's second ability: Laser lock, which rises the frequency of the rockets but needs some time to calibrate -You are indeed able to load up the Century bomber with different kinds of infantry at the airfield -One of the spy's abilities is to bribe up to 3 units in his vicinity to have them fight for you. This is the only ability that costs credits (1000) -Units frozen by the cyrocopter can be destroyed by a single shot -Units downsized by the Cyrocopters second ability are faster but weaker. You can use this ability on your own units as well -The dolphin is able to swim backwards and can also jump to flee from attacks on the water's surface -The harvesters second ability is acting as a surveyor. You cannot pack him up again after deployed once -The allied APC has a machinegun on land and rockets in water


-V4/Dreadnought rockets cannot be shot down, but they do not follow their targets either to balance this out -Natasha has multiple special abilities. She can snipe drivers out of vehicles for your units to use them, eliminate 6 soldiers if they're in a row, and call air support like Boris did -The hammer tank "sucks" life out of hostile tanks and is able to steal their weaponry after they're completely finished -The Akula sub has to emerge to fire, but is invisible if submerged -The terror drone is able to immobilize vehicles, which are still free to shoot after it casted this second ability -The twinblade is able to carry light vehicles such as terror drones -Stingray's secondary ability: Teslanova (Area-of-effect-attack)

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