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Published by Mr.Funsocks 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


As some of you might have noticed, you may not have seen the Top Five around for... A month or more now? I will be honest here, I was in a CnC recession; that's right, I said it! I actually got bored of Command and Conquer, pretty much a month or two after Kane's Wrath was released.

Let me answer some questions: Why?- Ever done something you really liked for too long and you just got bored of it? I would say that is a pretty good summary of the reason of absence.

What's New- Well Red Alert 3 has really brought me back into Command and Conquer. Red Alert 2 was the original game that got me into CnC in the first place. I am getting very exciting on how the game was shaping up, and seeing John's new trip to EA has got me roused up even more.

Any Updates?- After procrastinating about the upcoming Red Guard Studios video, I have finally completed the "stage" or map. Recording should take place soon.

What About Top Five?- To be honest, I don't miss making the Top, but seeing as it was a very handy overview of the week, I am considering bringing it back. The Top never seemed like it had support from the site goers, and that is still now my only concern. If people spark interest in it again, I will pledge myself to do it every week once more.

The Bottom Line is that I'm sorry that I did not only fail you, the public, but the site and the staff here at CnC-Files. I will try my best to fulfill the remaining time here at CnC-Files and to become involved into the community once more. I thank all of you that actually read all of this, because you just listened to me vent :cool:.

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