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Hey everyone!

My names Drew Hero, i'm an Englishman of some sorts. Well atleast born and bred there!

I'm here to cover the development of EA's new Command and Conquer edition to our lives; Red Alert 3.

But before talking about that a little information about me. I'm 20 from the Uk as you know and have been spending my time since college modeling for various companies across Europe. It gives me quite alot of time spare so i stick to what i know. Playing video games and having ridiculously long distance relationships over World of Warcraft with some Chick... well i hope! xD

Anyway i'm not going to pretend i'm good at doing this. But i am good at the games i play and am willing to talk about them... Thats why i am here today, and the rest of however long Paul and John want me here. P.s thanks guys stick out tongue

SO right now you're thinking who are you and why do you think you're good at Red Alert 3. Well ladies and gents my credentials speak for themselves right now. Currently i am tied 9th place on the 1v1 ladder, and sadly to the dismay of me and many others ea's stats are a bit. Unreliable and if i added the total 37+ wins they owe me i would actually be closer to 1 than where i am now.

Through the course of my stay i will be talking about winning strategies and tips that will get you wins unlike Command School that they are so happy to waste our time on watching. Personally i do it for the music and the irony or it all.

Just gonna go into my style of play.

Most played: Soviets Most wins: Allied Least fun: Japan

Rush. I play to win, it's my way of having fun. If you don't like it play unranked :)

Also i'd like to tell you that i am the secondary host for the cnc-live stickam feed at visit and tell us how much you love us :D

Anyway i will be here once i learn how to use all of this website. Like a nub :P i haven't got a clue =]

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