New Developer Blog: The Music of Red Alert 3

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EA added quite the epic blog entry today, filling us in about how the music to RA3 was created and what they went with in the end. It's a very informative and entertaining read, and even has two sound bites. Here's a snip:

We detect this by tracking how fast you are taking out the enemy's structures. If you return to 'Exploring' from 'Combat' we employ a technique that I first used on Harry Potter. You hear a darker version of the explore music, to give you the sense that your experiences of fighting have changed the way you perceive the world! Until you win the mission, you can never return the more optimistic sounding explore music. One final word on the dynamic music design... We came up with an additional music mode called 'up yours' where you get to hear a super-irritating patriotic piece in the style of your enemy's combat music if they launch their super weapon at you and you take significant damage!

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