New Kane's Wrath Preview on GameReplays.org

16 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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If you haven't been following the coverage of Kane's Wrath, the expansion pack for C&C 3, GameReplays.org has written a quick overview of the five most important changes being made to the expansion pack, and how they will affect the gameplay. Kane's Wrath will be doing more than just adding new content to Command and Conquer 3. It will also be improving the core gameplay experience, introducing new units as well as making some important changes which are intended to resolve some of the more outstanding issues present in C&C 3. [url=http://www.gamereplays.org/kaneswrath/portals.php?&show=page&name=five_important_things_kanes_wrath_will_fix]Continue to read the list of changes.[/url]

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