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This time, it's the Sickle, to, to quote Apoc "Finish their reveal" (Next one is an Allied unit, btw). As with the previous unit profiles, it, again, adds a whole lot of top-notch backstory/history to the unit and the used technology, impact etc.

Here's a snip:

The Sickle's dramatic spiderlike shape--clearly a response to Sversky Robot Works' infamous "Terror Drone" remote-operated military scout created almost a decade prior--quickly deterred crime in some areas. However, occasionally the Sickle had the opposite effect, provoking an already-disrespectful and ungrateful populace into full-on riots and street fighting. It was through several of these incidents that the Soviet military took notice of the vehicle, for it managed to cut down a staggering number of traitorous men, women, and children in record time. (How foolish they were to poke fun at the Sickle!) In spite of the spindly look of the vehicle, it proved stable and fast enough to allow its three machine gunners a near-perfect vantage point for silencing enemy combatants.

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