New RA3 Unit Profile: Combat Engineer

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Whilst most of us fans and EA had been busy with the beta, there were seldom updates in RA-land. Now that the release is getting closer (As is a new patch which adds a lot of balance changes, some bugfixes, Tier 3 superweapons and a replay viewer), they don't want anyone missing out on the great units, so they posted up a new unit profile just now, this time, the Soviet combat engineer, who is amphibious, armed, and is able to erect bunkers for Soviet victory. Here's a history snippy:

The Ministry of Experimental Science believes its combat engineers to be among the most well-taken-care-of members of the Red Army. They are issued knapsacks large enough to carry most of their worldly possessions, as well as hats to protect against weather. They are even rewarded with ceremonial shovels once their mandatory training is complete, as well as rubberized inflatable sputterboats that they can use for amphibious operations or the occasional day of rest. Apart from their worldly possessions, combat engineers had none of these other things under earlier regimes, points out the Ministry. Only men tend to be selected for combat engineering work, out of respect for traditional labor boundaries. Because combat engineers, by default, are unsuitable in conventional military roles, these men typically skew older as well as wiser than the average Soviet combatant.

Read the whole unit background here.

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