New RA3 Unit Profile: Tanya

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After EA released a new trailer and a Warhammer ad yesterday ( today it's unit profile time: Tanya, the Allied commando who shoots, C4s and chronoshperes her way through the battlefield. Snippet:

Though Tanya travels light, she is never without her trusty Time Belt, a unique prototype developed by the sharp minds at FutureTech. This fantastical device somehow whisks Tanya back to her position several seconds ago--letting her correct any instances in which she miscalculates a combat engagement. Soviet ministers have publicly derided the device as "unfair", and although the Allies have rather desperately urged FutureTech to mass-produce it, only Tanya as yet possesses this technology. When asked of her concern for possible side-effects of matter-transporting herself, essentially negating any injuries while retaining the memories of those events, Tanya merely noted, "It's pretty wild." Her willingness to continue to use the device is contributing to research surrounding other, similar technologies.

See the full profile here, complete with a demo vid:

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