New RA3 Unit Profile: The Attack Dog

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EA added a new unit profile today, this time it's the the classic Attack dog which gets the attention. Here's a snip:

Alongside their impressive physical attributes, the most recent CCR graduate attack dogs have gained a new tool for their arsenal - an adapted version of the same WP100 Sonic Disruptor used by the Allies' controversial Dolphin Scout Infantry. While the adaptation process sacrificed some of the aquatic weapon's killing power, the effect is still more than robust enough to allow an attack dog to leave its enemies stunned and helpless with a single, amplified bark. After a series of unfortunate, highly publicized incidents wherein Allied Peacekeepers were permanently deafened by their over-enthusiastic canine charges, it has been have mandated that all Allied forces be outfitted with specialized earpieces designed to tune out the WP100's frequency.

See the full profile here

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