New RA3 Unit Profile: The Cryocopter

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While EA is currently working on beta patch 1.6, they also spend their time updating their website, this time around with the unit profile of the wonderful shrinking, freezing support helicopter dubbed "Cryocopter" Snippy:

As if the cryobeam is not remarkable enough, stranger still is the cryocopter's strong homogenous residual-interactive neutron kinetic (or "S.H.R.I.N.K.") beam. This device safely and temporarily compresses molecular bonds in an object, in essence causing a reduction in physical size despite a conservation of mass. The long-term effects of exposure to this device are still unknown, and until they are well-understood, the Allies are treating it as a weapon. Consequently, more and more cryocopters are beginning to appear among Allied air forces, though Allied command assures the military scientists running the field diagnostics that they are unlikely to come to harm and would never be used in frontline engagements against the Soviets.

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