New RA3 Unit Profile: The Hydrofoil

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EA added the unit profile for this weapon-jamming, agile heavy anti-air boat, here's a quick excerpt:

Today's hydrofoil was made famous in the Battle of Port-Au-Prince, in which a small fleet of them were able to shoot down an entire squadron of MiG fighters before the MiGs could eliminate a wing of Century bombers carrying reinforcements to the city. Meanwhile, several of the hydrofoils broke off to thwart an offshore dreadnought bombardment. This was the first time a naval commander employed one group of hydrofoils dedicated exclusively to jamming enemy ship capabilities and another to shred an airforce. After the MiGs were destroyed, the hydrofoils executed a high-speed tactical retreat. The only naval casualties that day were hydrofoil detachments that were unlucky enough to be sucked from out of the water by the Soviets' hated magnetic satellite. It has been rumored that the performance of the hyrdofoil that day was largely responsible for increased numbers of Soviet Akula-class submarines in Soviet operations around the Gulf of Mexico.

See the full unit profile with a demo vid after the jump:

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