New RA3 Unit Profile: The Imperial Warrior

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OMG! EALA working on Saturday is becoming a standard! Today, hey added a new unit profile*, this time an Empire infantry. Background snip:

Imperial warriors are provided with fine equipment with which to do battle with their enemies. Their standard-issue uniforms provide a good compromise of protection against small-arms fire and other hazards while affording plenty of mobility. This is important because Imperial warriors are expected to be able to fight both at a range as well as in close quarters. Their primary weapon is a state-of-the-art carbine that fires superheated slugs, rather than conventional bullets, which cause painful lacerations and burns in unarmored targets. No shell casings or physical projectiles are left behind, making residues from these weapons untraceable, and reducing overall weight-of-equipment. These weapons are as yet unproven over the longer haul, though in practice they seem at least as viable as any modern rifle.

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*and there will be a beta patch soon as well!

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