New RA3 Unit Profile: The Mirage Tank

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EA seems to be on an update spree the last couple of days, this time with the much requested Mirage tank profile, which kicks major ass. Here's a quote from the unit background:

The name of the Mirage Tank is in reference to the effect caused by its on-board reactive camoscanner technology, which envelops the vehicle in a special camouflage field. To naked eye, this makes the normally-muscular Mirage Tank resemble something common and mundane to its surroundings, be it a tree or a milk truck, or even a smaller object such as a lamp post. And to a sophisticated scanning array, this makes the Mirage Tank altogether invisible. Consequently, the camoscanners enable Mirage Tank operators to blend into their environment, to elude enemy forces or stage an ambush... provided that they remain motionless and do not fire the main gun. These limitations are necessary to reduce heat signatures and conserve energy, as otherwise, enemy forces would be able to pick up the disguised Mirage Tank on short-range scan.

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