New RA3 Unit Profile: The Naginata Cruiser

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Just had a match were I made good use of these bad boys. Very powerful, enjoyable, satisfying. Like the whole game (OMG shameless advertising!). Lets take out some popcorn while the RA3 website tells us more about its background:

The role of the naginata cruiser is exemplified even in its title: These ships take their name from an ancient Japanese bladed staff, once used to keep the enemy at bay or to bring down fast-moving cavalry. Today's naginata likewise is dangerously unapproachable from the seas, for its captains seem always well-prepared to let loose pairs of quickly-loading, semi-guided torpedoes that smash into and destroy anything on the water. While the dual fast-firing torpedo launchers seem like more than enough, each naginata cruiser turns out to have an additional set of five launchers hidden below the waterline.

Continue for the full background, notes from the field, keynotes and a short showcase video here:


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