New RA3 Unit Profile: The Ore Collector

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Published by Mr.Funsocks 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


The most important and valuable unit on the Soviet side has finally gotten its own unit profile! Introducing the unit profile for the Ore Collector

Each Ore Refinery gets its own Ore Collector. More can be produced from the Naval Yar, War Factory, or Refinery, making this unit the most assessable one. Instead of having a machine gun or being able to unpack into an outpost, these Ore Collectors can deploy a more dense armor; making it stronger and immune to terror drones, but also making the unit slower. This is good if you see some terror drones coming in or any other attack for that matter.

"Allied military officials have blasted the 'deceptively cute' form factor of the Soviet ore collector as a failed ploy to prevent these vehicles from coming to harm in combat situations." Don't let that fool you, these Ore Collectors are maned from the grizzled men in the Soviet Union. It takes a rough man to drive back and forth from a drop-off point to another thousands of times.

Here is a little from the profile:

One can barely begin to imagine the hodgepodge of spare parts from other vehicles used to assemble each ore collector: Their cockpits are based on the same bubble canopies used in flak towers and in Kazminov Design Bureau's own KDB-2 Bullfrog transports; their collapsible pontoons are taken from resold Sputnik exploration vehicles; their reactive-armor coats are composed of sheeted alloys smelted from Hammer- and Apocalypse-class main battle tanks; their cargo bins are made from the recycled fuselages of downed MiG fighters, and so on. Each ore collector is machine-crafted with great care, and each collector's designated driver is given a framed, commemorative list of names and addresses of all the loyal soldiers whose vehicle parts were used to create that particular unit. Ironically, in spite of the rather conservative original design principle behind the ore collector, each one turns out to be fairly costly to manufacture, in part because of all the formality and ceremony around the respectful use of recycled vehicle parts.

Read the whole thing here.

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