New RA3 Unit Profile: The Shinobi

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After quite a wait, EA has finally put up a unit profile today, covering the Japanese anti-infantry soldier. He's much more tastefully done then I feared at first, but I still hope that there are Samurais, too :P

Now, for the obligatory history snippet:

Counter-intelligence has discovered only a few facts about the shinobi, though their performance in combat is beginning to speak for itself. Shinobi are presumed to have been rigorously trained from childhood to serve the Emperor's closest military advisors, to whom they are bound as vassals. Shinobi can silently slay opposing infantry with either their blades or throwing knives, can infiltrate even the most heavily-guarded compounds, and escape as if into thin air should any foes catch wind of their presence. Thus they are the secret spies and killers of the Japanese Empire's military. Despite the notoriety of their profession, however, the shinobi are rumored to be well-trusted by and extremely loyal to their masters. These misunderstood warriors are so dedicated, in fact, that they are absolutely willing and prepared to lay down their lives in combat, should their sacrifice improve the chances of a mission's success.

See the unit in action (Smoke and leaves FTW) here:

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